Apache Logging Services

The Apache Logging Services Project creates and maintains open-source software related to the logging of application behavior and released at no charge to the public.

Apache Log4j™

Log4j 2 provides both a portable logging API and implementation for Java with significant improvements over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x.

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Apache Log4j™ for Kotlin

Kotlin API for Log4j 2.

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Apache Log4j™ for Scala

Scala API for Log4j 2.

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Apache log4cxx

Apache log4cxx is a logging framework for C++ patterned after log4j.

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Apache chainsaw

A GUI based log viewer. Chainsaw is a companion application to log4j written by members of the log4j development community.

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Apache Log4j Audit

Audit logging framework built upon Apache Log4j 2.

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Apache Log4Net

A port of the original Apache log4j framework to the Microsoft .NET runtime.

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Dormant Projects

Logging Services projects that are no longer actively maintained.

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