Reporting New Security Problems with Apache Logging Projects

The Apache Software Foundation takes a very active stance in eliminating security problems and denial
of service attacks against its products.

We strongly encourage folks to report such problems to our private security mailing list first,
before disclosing them in a public forum.

Please note that the security mailing list should only be used for reporting undisclosed security
vulnerabilities and managing the process of fixing such vulnerabilities. We cannot accept regular
bug reports or other queries at this address. All mail sent to this address that does not relate
to an undisclosed security problem in our source code will be ignored.

If you need to report a bug that isn't an undisclosed security vulnerability, please use the
project's issue tracker.

The private security mailing address is:

Asking Questions About Known Security Problems

Questions about:

  1. if a vulnerability applies to your particular application
  2. obtaining further information on a published vulnerability
  3. availability of patches and/or new releases

should be addressed to the users mailing list. Please see the mailing lists page
for details of how to subscribe.

Known Security Vulnerabilities

Known security vulnerabilities fixed in released versions of Apache Logging projects are listed in
specific pages for each project.

If you have encountered an unlisted security vulnerability or other unexpected behaviour that has
security impact, or if the descriptions in one of the pages are incomplete, please report them
privately to the Apache Security Team. Thank you.

Errors and Ommissions

Please report any errors or omissions to the dev mailing list .