Welcoming Apache Flume to Apache Logging Services

Apache Flume joins the Apache Logging Services project, bringing its powerful data aggregation capabilities to enhance our logging solutions.

Welcoming the Apache Flume Team to Apache Logging Services

We are excited to announce that Apache Flume is now a part of our Logging Services family. Flume is renowned for its distributed, reliable, and available service, specializing in efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large volumes of log data.

The journey of Flume has been remarkable. Unfortunately, the Flume team had struggles with growing and remained a small team. Still, they caught the attention of several Logging Services committers. Impressed by its capabilities and potential, both the Flume community and our team saw a unique opportunity for collaboration and bringing two small teams together.

A Unified Force in Logging

This integration is more than just a merger of two services; it’s the coming together of like-minded communities aiming for excellence in logging solutions. The decision to merge was driven by our shared vision of offering robust, scalable, and efficient logging services.

Extending Our Portfolio

Flume’s addition significantly extends our own Logging portfolio. Its unique approach to handling large-scale log data complements our existing solutions, creating a more comprehensive suite of tools for our users.

Looking Forward

Plans are already underway to push Flume to a new release, one that incorporates our combined expertise and the latest in logging technology.

Free and Open Source, Apache License

As always, Apache Flume is developed under the Apache License. You can find its source code here. While we are still merging our efforts, you can already contribute and send pull requests. We value the principles of open source and encourage the community to participate in Flume’s ongoing development.

Join Us

We are also opening our doors wider, welcoming new contributors and other interested individuals who wish to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting out, there’s a place for you here.

If you’re as excited about this development as we are and want to learn more or contribute, we encourage you to reach out. Let’s shape the future of logging services together!