Apache log4cxx  Version 0.12.1
log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter Class Reference

This is a very simple filter based on string matching. More...

#include <stringmatchfilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter:
log4cxx::spi::Filter log4cxx::spi::OptionHandler log4cxx::helpers::Object log4cxx::helpers::Object

Public Types

typedef spi::Filter BASE_CLASS
- Public Types inherited from log4cxx::spi::Filter
enum  FilterDecision { DENY = -1, NEUTRAL = 0, ACCEPT = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 StringMatchFilter ()
virtual void setOption (const LogString &option, const LogString &value)
 Set options. More...
void setStringToMatch (const LogString &stringToMatch1)
const LogStringgetStringToMatch () const
void setAcceptOnMatch (bool acceptOnMatch1)
bool getAcceptOnMatch () const
FilterDecision decide (const spi::LoggingEventPtr &event) const
 Returns NEUTRAL is there is no string match. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from log4cxx::spi::Filter
 Filter ()
log4cxx::spi::FilterPtr getNext () const
void setNext (const log4cxx::spi::FilterPtr &newNext)
void activateOptions (log4cxx::helpers::Pool &p)
 Usually filters options become active when set. More...
void setOption (const LogString &option, const LogString &value)
 Set option to value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from log4cxx::spi::OptionHandler
virtual ~OptionHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from log4cxx::helpers::Object
virtual ~Object ()
virtual bool instanceof (const Class &clazz) const =0
virtual const void * cast (const Class &clazz) const =0

Detailed Description

This is a very simple filter based on string matching.

The filter admits two options StringToMatch and AcceptOnMatch. If there is a match between the value of the StringToMatch option and the message of the LoggingEvent, then the decide method returns ACCEPT if the AcceptOnMatch option value is true, if it is false then DENY is returned. If there is no match, NEUTRAL is returned.

See configuration files test6.xml, test7.xml, test8.xml, test9.xml, and test10.xml for examples of seeting up a StringMatchFilter.

Member Typedef Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StringMatchFilter()

log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::StringMatchFilter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ decide()

FilterDecision log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::decide ( const spi::LoggingEventPtr event) const

Returns NEUTRAL is there is no string match.

Implements log4cxx::spi::Filter.

◆ getAcceptOnMatch()

bool log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::getAcceptOnMatch ( ) const

◆ getStringToMatch()

const LogString& log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::getStringToMatch ( ) const

◆ setAcceptOnMatch()

void log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::setAcceptOnMatch ( bool  acceptOnMatch1)

◆ setOption()

virtual void log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::setOption ( const LogString option,
const LogString value 

Set options.

Implements log4cxx::spi::OptionHandler.

◆ setStringToMatch()

void log4cxx::filter::StringMatchFilter::setStringToMatch ( const LogString stringToMatch1)

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