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Log4j Audit Maven Plugin

The Log4j Audit Maven Plugin generates Java Interfaces from the JSON catalog. Attributes that may be configured in this plugin include

Name Type Since Required Description Default Value
catalogReaderClassName String - false CatalogReader used to read the JSON catalog org.apache.logging.log4j.catalog.api.dao.FileCatalogReader
catalogReaderAttributes Map - false Parameters to pass to the CatalogReader
packageName String - true The package name to use for the generated Interfaces
outputDir File - false The root directory where the generated Interfaces should be created ${project.build.directory}/generated-sources/log4j-audit
maxKeyLength int - false The maximum length of attribute and event names. 32 - the maximum allowed to be compliant with RFC 5424
enterpriseId int - false The IANA enterprise id for RFC 5424 events 18060
verbose boolean 1.1.0 false Set to true to show messages about what the code generator is doing. false

Below is a sample configuration.



Log4j Audit requires Java 8.