Package org.apache.log4j.helpers

This package is used internally.


Class Summary
AbsoluteTimeDateFormat Formats a Date in the format "HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example, "15:49:37,459".
AppenderAttachableImpl A straightforward implementation of the AppenderAttachable interface.
BoundedFIFO BoundedFIFO serves as the bounded first-in-first-out buffer heavily used by the AsyncAppender.
CountingQuietWriter Counts the number of bytes written.
CyclicBuffer CyclicBuffer is used by other appenders to hold LoggingEvents for immediate or differed display.
DateLayout This abstract layout takes care of all the date related options and formatting work.
DateTimeDateFormat Formats a Date in the format "dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example, "06 Nov 1994 15:49:37,459".
FileWatchdog Check every now and then that a certain file has not changed.
FormattingInfo FormattingInfo instances contain the information obtained when parsing formatting modifiers in conversion modifiers.
ISO8601DateFormat Formats a Date in the format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example "1999-11-27 15:49:37,459".
Loader Load resources (or images) from various sources.
LogLog This class used to output log statements from within the log4j package.
NullEnumeration An always-empty Enumerator.
OnlyOnceErrorHandler The OnlyOnceErrorHandler implements log4j's default error handling policy which consists of emitting a message for the first error in an appender and ignoring all following errors.
OptionConverter A convenience class to convert property values to specific types.
PatternConverter PatternConverter is an abtract class that provides the formatting functionality that derived classes need.
PatternParser Most of the work of the PatternLayout class is delegated to the PatternParser class.
QuietWriter QuietWriter does not throw exceptions when things go wrong.
RelativeTimeDateFormat Formats a Date by printing the number of milliseconds elapsed since construction of the format.
SyslogQuietWriter SyslogQuietWriter extends QuietWriter by prepending the syslog level code before each printed String.
SyslogWriter SyslogWriter is a wrapper around the class so that it behaves like a
ThreadLocalMap ThreadLocalMap extends InheritableThreadLocal to bequeath a copy of the hashtable of the MDC of the parent thread.
Transform Utility class for transforming strings.
UtilLoggingLevel An extension of the Level class that provides support for java.util.logging Levels.

Package org.apache.log4j.helpers Description

This package is used internally.

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