Interface OptionHandler

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AppenderSkeleton, AsyncAppender, ConsoleAppender, DailyRollingFileAppender, DateLayout, DenyAllFilter, EnhancedPatternLayout, ExternallyRolledFileAppender, FallbackErrorHandler, FileAppender, Filter, HTMLLayout, JDBCAppender, JMSAppender, Layout, LevelMatchFilter, LevelRangeFilter, LF5Appender, NTEventLogAppender, NullAppender, OnlyOnceErrorHandler, PatternLayout, RewriteAppender, RollingFileAppender, SimpleLayout, SMTPAppender, SocketAppender, SocketHubAppender, StringMatchFilter, SyslogAppender, TelnetAppender, TTCCLayout, WriterAppender, XMLLayout

public interface OptionHandler

A string based interface to configure package components.

Ceki Gülcü, Anders Kristensen

Method Summary
 void activateOptions()
          Activate the options that were previously set with calls to option setters.

Method Detail


void activateOptions()
Activate the options that were previously set with calls to option setters.

This allows to defer activiation of the options until all options have been set. This is required for components which have related options that remain ambigous until all are set.

For example, the FileAppender has the File and Append options both of which are ambigous until the other is also set.

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