Class RollingRandomAccessFileAppender.Builder<B extends RollingRandomAccessFileAppender.Builder<B>>

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public static class RollingRandomAccessFileAppender.Builder<B extends RollingRandomAccessFileAppender.Builder<B>> extends AbstractOutputStreamAppender.Builder<B> implements Builder<RollingRandomAccessFileAppender>
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • build

      Description copied from interface: Builder
      Builds the object after all configuration has been set. This will use default values for any unspecified attributes for the object.
      Specified by:
      build in interface Builder<B extends RollingRandomAccessFileAppender.Builder<B>>
      the configured instance.
    • withFileName

      public B withFileName(String fileName)
    • withFilePattern

      public B withFilePattern(String filePattern)
    • withAppend

      public B withAppend(boolean append)
    • withPolicy

      public B withPolicy(TriggeringPolicy policy)
    • withStrategy

      public B withStrategy(RolloverStrategy strategy)
    • withAdvertise

      public B withAdvertise(boolean advertise)
    • withAdvertiseURI

      public B withAdvertiseURI(String advertiseURI)
    • withFilePermissions

      public B withFilePermissions(String filePermissions)
    • withFileOwner

      public B withFileOwner(String fileOwner)
    • withFileGroup

      public B withFileGroup(String fileGroup)