Class NoSqlAppender

All Implemented Interfaces:
Appender, Filterable, LocationAware, LifeCycle, LifeCycle2

@Plugin(name="NoSql", category="Core", elementType="appender", printObject=true) public final class NoSqlAppender extends AbstractDatabaseAppender<NoSqlDatabaseManager<?>>
This Appender writes logging events to a NoSQL database using a configured NoSQL provider. It requires implementations of NoSqlObject, NoSqlConnection, and NoSqlProvider to "know" how to write events to the chosen NoSQL database.

For examples on how to write your own NoSQL provider, see the simple source code for the MongoDB and CouchDB providers.

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  • Method Details

    • createAppender

      @Deprecated public static NoSqlAppender createAppender(String name, String ignore, Filter filter, String bufferSize, NoSqlProvider<?> provider)
      since 2.11.0; use NoSqlAppender.Builder.
      Factory method for creating a NoSQL appender within the plugin manager.
      name - The name of the appender.
      ignore - If "true" (default) exceptions encountered when appending events are logged; otherwise they are propagated to the caller.
      filter - The filter, if any, to use.
      bufferSize - If an integer greater than 0, this causes the appender to buffer log events and flush whenever the buffer reaches this size.
      provider - The NoSQL provider that provides connections to the chosen NoSQL database.
      a new NoSQL appender.
    • newBuilder

      @PluginBuilderFactory public static <B extends NoSqlAppender.Builder<B>> B newBuilder()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class AbstractAppender