Class AsyncLoggerConfigDisruptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
AsyncLoggerConfigDelegate, LifeCycle, LifeCycle2

public class AsyncLoggerConfigDisruptor extends AbstractLifeCycle implements AsyncLoggerConfigDelegate
Helper class decoupling the AsyncLoggerConfig class from the LMAX Disruptor library.

AsyncLoggerConfig is a plugin, and will be loaded even if users do not configure any <asyncLogger> or <asyncRoot> elements in the configuration. If AsyncLoggerConfig has inner classes that extend or implement classes from the Disruptor library, a NoClassDefFoundError is thrown if the Disruptor jar is not in the classpath when the PluginManager loads the AsyncLoggerConfig plugin from the pre-defined plugins definition file.

This class serves to make the dependency on the Disruptor optional, so that these classes are only loaded when the AsyncLoggerConfig is actually used.