Class DatagramSocketManager

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, ByteBufferDestination

public class DatagramSocketManager extends AbstractSocketManager
Socket Manager for UDP connections.
  • Constructor Details

    • DatagramSocketManager

      protected DatagramSocketManager(String name, OutputStream os, InetAddress inetAddress, String host, int port, Layout<? extends Serializable> layout, int bufferSize)
      The Constructor.
      name - the unique name of the connection
      os - the OutputStream
      inetAddress - the Internet Protocol (IP) address
      host - the host to connect to
      port - the port on the host
      layout - the layout
      bufferSize - the buffer size
  • Method Details

    • getSocketManager

      public static DatagramSocketManager getSocketManager(String host, int port, Layout<? extends Serializable> layout, int bufferSize)
      Obtain a SocketManager.
      host - The host to connect to.
      port - The port on the host.
      layout - The layout.
      bufferSize - The buffer size.
      A DatagramSocketManager.
    • getContentFormat

      public Map<String,String> getContentFormat()
      Gets this DatagramSocketManager's content format. Specified by:
      • Key: "protocol" Value: "udp"
      • Key: "direction" Value: "out"
      getContentFormat in class AbstractSocketManager
      Map of content format keys supporting DatagramSocketManager