Class AbstractStyleNameConverter.Yellow

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@Plugin(name="yellow", category="Converter") public static final class AbstractStyleNameConverter.Yellow extends AbstractStyleNameConverter
Yellow style pattern converter. Adds ANSI color styling to the result of the enclosed pattern.
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    • Yellow

      public Yellow(List<PatternFormatter> formatters, String styling)
      Constructs the converter. This constructor must be public.
      formatters - The PatternFormatters to generate the text to manipulate.
      styling - The styling that should encapsulate the pattern.
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      public static AbstractStyleNameConverter.Yellow newInstance(Configuration config, String[] options)
      Gets an instance of the class (called via reflection).
      config - The current Configuration.
      options - The pattern options, may be null. If the first element is "short", only the first line of the throwable will be formatted.
      new instance of class or null