Class NameAbbreviator


public abstract class NameAbbreviator extends Object
NameAbbreviator generates abbreviated logger and class names.
  • Constructor Details

    • NameAbbreviator

      public NameAbbreviator()
  • Method Details

    • getAbbreviator

      public static NameAbbreviator getAbbreviator(String pattern)
      Gets an abbreviator.

      For example, "%logger{2}" will output only 2 elements of the logger name, "%logger{1.}" will output only the first character of the non-final elements in the name, "%logger(1~.2~} will output the first character of the first element, two characters of the second and subsequent elements and will use a tilde to indicate abbreviated characters.

      pattern - abbreviation pattern.
      abbreviator, will not be null.
    • getDefaultAbbreviator

      public static NameAbbreviator getDefaultAbbreviator()
      Gets default abbreviator.
      default abbreviator.
    • abbreviate

      public abstract void abbreviate(String original, StringBuilder destination)
      Abbreviates a name in a String.
      original - the text to abbreviate, may not be null.
      destination - StringBuilder to write the result to