Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup

Log4j 2 Lookups.


Interface Summary
StrLookup Lookup a String key to a String value.

Class Summary
AbstractLookup A default lookup for others to extend.
ContextMapLookup Looks up keys from ThreadContext objects..
DateLookup Formats the current date or the date in the LogEvent.
EnvironmentLookup Looks up keys from environment variables.
Interpolator Proxies all the other StrLookups.
JavaLookup Looks up keys related to Java: Java version, JRE version, VM version, and so on.
JmxRuntimeInputArgumentsLookup Maps JVM input arguments (but not main arguments) using JMX to acquire JVM arguments.
JndiLookup Looks up keys from JNDI resources.
MapLookup A map-based lookup.
ResourceBundleLookup Looks up keys from resource bundles.
StrMatcher A matcher class that can be queried to determine if a character array portion matches.
StrSubstitutor Substitutes variables within a string by values.
StructuredDataLookup Looks up keys from StructuredDataMessage log messages.
SystemPropertiesLookup Looks up keys from system properties.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup Description

Log4j 2 Lookups. These are used in variable interpolation in various configuration attributes. StrLookup plugins should use the plugin category Lookup.

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