LoggerAppenderMailEvent appends individual log events via email.

This appender is similar to LoggerAppenderMail, except that it sends each each log event in an individual email message at the time when it occurs.


This appender requires a layout. If no layout is specified in configuration, LoggerLayoutSimple will be used by default.


The following parameters are available:

Parameter Type Required Default Description
to string Yes - Email address(es) to which the log will be sent. Multiple email addresses may be specified by separating them with a comma.
from string Yes - Email address which will be used in the From field.
subject string No Log4php Report Subject of the email message.
smtpHost string No ini_get('SMTP') Used to override the SMTP server. Only works on Windows.
port integer No 25 Used to override the default SMTP server port. Only works on Windows.


This example shows how to configure LoggerAppenderMailEvent to send the log to two email addresses.

  • XML
  • PHP
<configuration xmlns="http://logging.apache.org/log4php/">
    <appender name="default" class="LoggerAppenderMailEvent">
        <layout class="LoggerLayoutSimple" />
        <param name="to" value="foo@example.com,baz@example.com" />
        <param name="from" value="logger@example.com" />
        <appender_ref ref="default" />
    'appenders' => array(
        'default' => array(
            'class' => 'LoggerAppenderMailEvent',
            'layout' => array(
                'class' => 'LoggerLayoutSimple',
            'params' => array(
                'to' => 'foo@example.com,baz@example.com',
                'from' => 'logger@example.com'
    'rootLogger' => array(
        'appenders' => array('default'),