Apache log4cxx  Version 0.13.0
log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData Class Reference

This class contains all the thread-specific data in use by log4cxx. More...

#include <threadspecificdata.h>

Public Member Functions

 ThreadSpecificData ()
 ~ThreadSpecificData ()
void recycle ()
 Release this ThreadSpecficData if empty. More...
log4cxx::NDC::StackgetStack ()
log4cxx::MDC::MapgetMap ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ThreadSpecificDatagetCurrentData ()
 Gets current thread specific data. More...
static void put (const LogString &key, const LogString &val)
static void push (const LogString &val)
static void inherit (const log4cxx::NDC::Stack &stack)

Detailed Description

This class contains all the thread-specific data in use by log4cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ThreadSpecificData()

log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::ThreadSpecificData ( )

◆ ~ThreadSpecificData()

log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::~ThreadSpecificData ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCurrentData()

static ThreadSpecificData* log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::getCurrentData ( )

Gets current thread specific data.

thread specific data, may be null.

◆ getMap()

log4cxx::MDC::Map& log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::getMap ( )

◆ getStack()

log4cxx::NDC::Stack& log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::getStack ( )

◆ inherit()

static void log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::inherit ( const log4cxx::NDC::Stack stack)

◆ push()

static void log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::push ( const LogString val)

◆ put()

static void log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::put ( const LogString key,
const LogString val 

◆ recycle()

void log4cxx::helpers::ThreadSpecificData::recycle ( )

Release this ThreadSpecficData if empty.

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