Apache log4cxx  Version 0.12.1
xml.h File Reference

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class  log4cxx::helpers::DOMException
class  log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMNode
 The XMLDOMNode interface is the primary datatype for the entire Document Object Model. More...
class  log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMElement
 The XMLDOMElement interface represents an element in an XML document. More...
class  log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMDocument
 The XMLDOMDocument interface represents an entire XML document. More...
class  log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMNodeList
 The XMLDOMNodeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of nodes, without defining or constraining how this collection is implemented. More...




typedef std::shared_ptr< XMLDOMNode > log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMNodePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< XMLDOMDocument > log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMDocumentPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< XMLDOMNodeList > log4cxx::helpers::XMLDOMNodeListPtr


 log4cxx::helpers::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (XMLDOMNode)
 log4cxx::helpers::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (XMLDOMElement)
 log4cxx::helpers::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (XMLDOMDocument)
 log4cxx::helpers::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (XMLDOMNodeList)