Class SyslogAppender.Builder<B extends SyslogAppender.Builder<B>>

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public static class SyslogAppender.Builder<B extends SyslogAppender.Builder<B>> extends SocketAppender.AbstractBuilder<B> implements Builder<SocketAppender>
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • build

      public SyslogAppender build()
      Description copied from interface: Builder
      Builds the object after all configuration has been set. This will use default values for any unspecified attributes for the object.
      Specified by:
      build in interface Builder<B extends SyslogAppender.Builder<B>>
      the configured instance.
    • getFacility

      public Facility getFacility()
    • getId

      public String getId()
    • getEnterpriseNumber

      public String getEnterpriseNumber()
    • isIncludeMdc

      public boolean isIncludeMdc()
    • getMdcId

      public String getMdcId()
    • getMdcPrefix

      public String getMdcPrefix()
    • getEventPrefix

      public String getEventPrefix()
    • isNewLine

      public boolean isNewLine()
    • getEscapeNL

      public String getEscapeNL()
    • getAppName

      public String getAppName()
    • getMsgId

      public String getMsgId()
    • getExcludes

      public String getExcludes()
    • getIncludes

      public String getIncludes()
    • getRequired

      public String getRequired()
    • getFormat

      public String getFormat()
    • getCharsetName

      public Charset getCharsetName()
    • getExceptionPattern

      public String getExceptionPattern()
    • getLoggerFields

      public LoggerFields[] getLoggerFields()
    • setFacility

      public B setFacility(Facility facility)
    • setId

      public B setId(String id)
    • setEnterpriseNumber

      public B setEnterpriseNumber(String enterpriseNumber)
    • setEnterpriseNumber

      public B setEnterpriseNumber(int enterpriseNumber)
    • setIncludeMdc

      public B setIncludeMdc(boolean includeMdc)
    • setMdcId

      public B setMdcId(String mdcId)
    • setMdcPrefix

      public B setMdcPrefix(String mdcPrefix)
    • setEventPrefix

      public B setEventPrefix(String eventPrefix)
    • setNewLine

      public B setNewLine(boolean newLine)
    • setEscapeNL

      public B setEscapeNL(String escapeNL)
    • setAppName

      public B setAppName(String appName)
    • setMsgId

      public B setMsgId(String msgId)
    • setExcludes

      public B setExcludes(String excludes)
    • setIncludes

      public B setIncludes(String includes)
    • setRequired

      public B setRequired(String required)
    • setFormat

      public B setFormat(String format)
    • setCharsetName

      public B setCharsetName(Charset charset)
    • setExceptionPattern

      public B setExceptionPattern(String exceptionPattern)
    • setLoggerFields

      public B setLoggerFields(LoggerFields[] loggerFields)