Class SyslogAppender

All Implemented Interfaces:
Appender, Filterable, LocationAware, LifeCycle, LifeCycle2

@Plugin(name="Syslog", category="Core", elementType="appender", printObject=true) public class SyslogAppender extends SocketAppender
The Syslog Appender.
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    • createAppender

      @Deprecated public static <B extends SyslogAppender.Builder<B>> SyslogAppender createAppender(String host, int port, String protocolStr, SslConfiguration sslConfiguration, int connectTimeoutMillis, int reconnectDelayMillis, boolean immediateFail, String name, boolean immediateFlush, boolean ignoreExceptions, Facility facility, String id, int enterpriseNumber, boolean includeMdc, String mdcId, String mdcPrefix, String eventPrefix, boolean newLine, String escapeNL, String appName, String msgId, String excludes, String includes, String required, String format, Filter filter, Configuration configuration, Charset charset, String exceptionPattern, LoggerFields[] loggerFields, boolean advertise)
      Creates a SyslogAppender.
      host - The name of the host to connect to.
      port - The port to connect to on the target host.
      protocolStr - The Protocol to use.
      sslConfiguration - TODO
      connectTimeoutMillis - the connect timeout in milliseconds.
      reconnectDelayMillis - The interval in which failed writes should be retried.
      immediateFail - True if the write should fail if no socket is immediately available.
      name - The name of the Appender.
      immediateFlush - "true" if data should be flushed on each write.
      ignoreExceptions - If "true" (default) exceptions encountered when appending events are logged; otherwise they are propagated to the caller.
      facility - The Facility is used to try to classify the message.
      id - The default structured data id to use when formatting according to RFC 5424.
      enterpriseNumber - The IANA enterprise number.
      includeMdc - Indicates whether data from the ThreadContextMap will be included in the RFC 5424 Syslog record. Defaults to "true:.
      mdcId - The id to use for the MDC Structured Data Element.
      mdcPrefix - The prefix to add to MDC key names.
      eventPrefix - The prefix to add to event key names.
      newLine - If true, a newline will be appended to the end of the syslog record. The default is false.
      escapeNL - String that should be used to replace newlines within the message text.
      appName - The value to use as the APP-NAME in the RFC 5424 syslog record.
      msgId - The default value to be used in the MSGID field of RFC 5424 syslog records.
      excludes - A comma separated list of mdc keys that should be excluded from the LogEvent.
      includes - A comma separated list of mdc keys that should be included in the FlumeEvent.
      required - A comma separated list of mdc keys that must be present in the MDC.
      format - If set to "RFC5424" the data will be formatted in accordance with RFC 5424. Otherwise, it will be formatted as a BSD Syslog record.
      filter - A Filter to determine if the event should be handled by this Appender.
      configuration - The Configuration.
      charset - The character set to use when converting the syslog String to a byte array.
      exceptionPattern - The converter pattern to use for formatting exceptions.
      loggerFields - The logger fields
      advertise - Whether to advertise
      A SyslogAppender.
    • newSyslogAppenderBuilder

      @PluginBuilderFactory public static <B extends SyslogAppender.Builder<B>> B newSyslogAppenderBuilder()