Class NoOpTriggeringPolicy

All Implemented Interfaces:
TriggeringPolicy, LifeCycle, LifeCycle2

@Plugin(name="NoOpTriggeringPolicy", category="Core", printObject=true) public class NoOpTriggeringPolicy extends AbstractTriggeringPolicy
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  • Constructor Details

    • NoOpTriggeringPolicy

      public NoOpTriggeringPolicy()
  • Method Details

    • createPolicy

      @PluginFactory public static NoOpTriggeringPolicy createPolicy()
    • initialize

      public void initialize(RollingFileManager manager)
      Description copied from interface: TriggeringPolicy
      Initializes this triggering policy.
      manager - The RollingFileManager.
    • isTriggeringEvent

      public boolean isTriggeringEvent(LogEvent logEvent)
      Description copied from interface: TriggeringPolicy
      Determines if a rollover may be appropriate at this time. If true is returned, RolloverPolicy.rollover will be called but it can determine that a rollover is not warranted.
      logEvent - A reference to the current log event.
      true if a rollover should occur.