Interface LocationAwareReliabilityStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
AwaitCompletionReliabilityStrategy, AwaitUnconditionallyReliabilityStrategy, DefaultReliabilityStrategy, LockingReliabilityStrategy

public interface LocationAwareReliabilityStrategy
Interface to ensure delivery of log events to the appropriate Appenders while including location information.
  • Method Details

    • log

      void log(Supplier<LoggerConfig> reconfigured, String loggerName, String fqcn, StackTraceElement location, Marker marker, Level level, Message data, Throwable t)
      Logs an event.
      reconfigured - supplies the next LoggerConfig if the strategy's LoggerConfig is no longer active
      loggerName - The name of the Logger.
      fqcn - The fully qualified class name of the caller.
      location - The location of the caller or null.
      marker - A Marker or null if none is present.
      level - The event Level.
      data - The Message.
      t - A Throwable or null.