Class Log4jLookup

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfigurationAware, StrLookup

@Plugin(name="log4j", category="Lookup") public class Log4jLookup extends AbstractConfigurationAwareLookup
Lookup properties of Log4j
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    • Log4jLookup

      public Log4jLookup()
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    • lookup

      public String lookup(LogEvent event, String key)
      Description copied from interface: StrLookup
      Looks up a String key to a String value possibly using the current LogEvent.

      The internal implementation may use any mechanism to return the value. The simplest implementation is to use a Map. However, virtually any implementation is possible.

      For example, it would be possible to implement a lookup that used the key as a primary key, and looked up the value on demand from the database Or, a numeric based implementation could be created that treats the key as an integer, increments the value and return the result as a string - converting 1 to 2, 15 to 16 etc.

      This method always returns a String, regardless of the underlying data, by converting it as necessary. For example:

       Map<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();
       map.put("number", new Integer(2));
       assertEquals("2", StrLookup.mapLookup(map).lookup("number"));
      event - The current LogEvent.
      key - the key to be looked up, may be null
      the matching value, null if no match