Class EncodingPatternConverter

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@Plugin(name="encode", category="Converter") public final class EncodingPatternConverter extends LogEventPatternConverter
Converter that encodes the output from a pattern using a specified format. Supported formats include HTML (default) and JSON.
  • Method Details

    • handlesThrowable

      public boolean handlesThrowable()
      Description copied from class: LogEventPatternConverter
      Normally pattern converters are not meant to handle Exceptions although few pattern converters might.

      By examining the return values for this method, the containing layout will determine whether it handles throwables or not.

      handlesThrowable in class LogEventPatternConverter
      true if this PatternConverter handles throwables
    • newInstance

      public static EncodingPatternConverter newInstance(Configuration config, String[] options)
      Creates an EncodingPatternConverter using a pattern string and an optional escape format.
      config - the current Configuration
      options - first option is the nested pattern format; second option is the escape format (optional)
      instance of pattern converter.
    • format

      public void format(LogEvent event, StringBuilder toAppendTo)
      Formats an event into a string buffer.
      Specified by:
      format in class LogEventPatternConverter
      event - event to format, may not be null.
      toAppendTo - string buffer to which the formatted event will be appended. May not be null.