Class MaxLengthConverter

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@Plugin(name="maxLength", category="Converter") public final class MaxLengthConverter extends LogEventPatternConverter
Max length pattern converter. Limit contained text to a maximum length. On invalid length the default value 100 is used (and an error message is logged). If max length is greater than 20, an abbreviated text will get ellipsis ("...") appended. Example usage (for email subject): "%maxLen{[AppName, ${hostName}, ${web:contextPath}] %p: %c{1} - %m%notEmpty{ =>%ex{short}}}{160}"
Thies Wellpott
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    • newInstance

      public static MaxLengthConverter newInstance(Configuration config, String[] options)
      Gets an instance of the class.
      config - The current Configuration.
      options - pattern options, an array of two elements: pattern, max length (defaults to 100 on invalid value).
      instance of class.
    • format

      public void format(LogEvent event, StringBuilder toAppendTo)
      Description copied from class: LogEventPatternConverter
      Formats an event into a string buffer.
      Specified by:
      format in class LogEventPatternConverter
      event - event to format, may not be null.
      toAppendTo - string buffer to which the formatted event will be appended. May not be null.