Log4j Support

The Apache Software Foundation does not employ individuals to develop and support any of its projects. The individuals who contribute to Apache projects do it either as part of specific tasks assigned to them by their employer, on their own initiative to benefit their employer, or on their own free time. While some projects at the ASF have employees who are specifically paid to work on the project, none of the committers to any of the Logging Services projects are directly paid to work on them.

The Log4j project uses Jira as its issue tracking system. Issues get resolved in one of the following ways:

  1. The reporter or another interested party provide a patch attached to the Jira issue, or (preferred) a pull request is provided at the Log4j GitHub site.
  2. A committer is interested in the issue and decides to work on it.
  3. The reporter or another interested party sponsors one or more of the people listed below to encourage them to work on the issue.

GitHub Sponsorship

The following are Log4j committers who accept sponsorship through GitHub. GitHub sponsorship can be used simply as a way to say thank you for the work that has been done or as a way to encourage specific issues to be worked on. In either case, while the Apache Logging Services Project thanks you for your support we cannot be responsible for any promises and/or contributions made by an individual committer as individual commits must be reviewed and accepted by the project team. While the Logging Services team has accepted the individuals listed below as committers to the projects, we cannot recommend any particular individual for any specific issue.

Committers who accept GitHub Sponsorship