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Release History

2.22015-02-22GA Release 2.2
2.12014-10-19GA Release 2.1
2.0.22014-08-16Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0.12014-07-29Bug fixes
2.02014-07-12GA Release
2.0-rc22014-06-21Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-rc12014-02-16Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta92013-09-14Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta82013-07-10Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta72013-06-01Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta62013-05-05Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta52013-04-20Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta42013-01-28Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta32012-11-11Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta22012-10-07Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta12012-09-18Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-alpha22012-08-24Bug fixes and minor enhancements
2.0-alpha12012-07-29Rewrite of Log4j

Release 2.2 – 2015-02-22

Fix(JMX) To avoid memory leaks when web applications are restarted, JMX notifications are sent from the caller thread in web applications. For non-web applications notifications are sent from a background thread as before. Fixes LOG4J2-938. Thanks to Mauro Molinari.rpopma
FixMissing toUpperCase("Locale.ENGLISH"). Fixes LOG4J2-957. Thanks to fatih guleryuz.ggregory
FixManual refers to Route "AppenderRef" attribute, should be "ref". Fixes LOG4J2-956. Thanks to David Kellerman.ggregory
UpdateDocumentation: clarify system properties to control status logger, improve troubleshooting FAQ entry. Fixes LOG4J2-955.rpopma
UpdateIncorrect attribute name in PropertiesRewritePolicy example. Fixes LOG4J2-950. Thanks to Joel Edwards.ggregory
FixLog4j Flume appender is not adding millisecond to the event headers when the event is logged at 000 milliseconds. Fixes LOG4J2-944. Thanks to Vinayaka Ramachandra.ggregory
AddAllow JSON layout to create one compact log record per line. Fixes LOG4J2-941. Thanks to Konstantinos Liakos.ggregory
AddHTML layout should not use attribute minimalization for hr noshade. Fixes LOG4J2-933. Thanks to ppiman at gmail.com.ggregory
AddSpecify the SyslogAppender connect timeout value as part of the configuration. The SyslogAppender takes a new parameter connectTimeoutMillis. Fixes LOG4J2-895.ggregory
AddSpecify the SocketAppender connect timeout value as part of the configuration. The SyslogAppender takes a new parameter connectTimeoutMillis. Fixes LOG4J2-899.ggregory
FixLog4j 1.2 Bridge doesn't map level ALL correctly in Category.getEffectiveLevel(). Fixes LOG4J2-924. Thanks to Ryan Rupp.ggregory
FixConsoleAppender is missing @PluginFactory annotation at createAppender method. Fixes LOG4J2-931. Thanks to Robert Gacki.ggregory
FixLogging system fails to initialize if XInclude API is not available. Fixes LOG4J2-919. Thanks to David Johle.ggregory
FixThrowableProxy.getExtendedStackTraceAsString causes NullpointerException. Fixes LOG4J2-914. Thanks to Kaj Bjurman.ggregory
FixXML configuration does not report full error message for XInclude parser configuration problems. Fixes LOG4J2-912.ggregory
FixClassLoaderContextSelector uses ClassLoader.toString() as a key Fixes LOG4J2-903. Thanks to Mauro Molinari.ggregory
FixThrowableProxy throws NoClassDefFoundError. Fixes LOG4J2-834. Thanks to Nikita Koval, Leonard Broman, Thiago Kronig.ggregory
FixNullPointerException on filter when mapping JUL to Log4j2. Fixes LOG4J2-893.ggregory
FixJUL adapter does not map Log4j'2 FATAL level to a JUL level. Fixes LOG4J2-892.ggregory
FixAbstractLifecycle should not implement equals() and hashCode(). Fixes LOG4J2-881. Thanks to Mariano Gonzalez.ggregory
FixJavadoc for org.apache.log4j.BasicConfigurator.configure() is incorrect. Fixes LOG4J2-897.ggregory
FixAbstractLifecycle should not implement equals() and hashCode(). Fixes LOG4J2-891.ggregory
Fix[docs] Using Log4j 2 in Web Applications: Update example (Log4jWebLifeCycle is not visible). Fixes LOG4J2-946. Thanks to artemonster.ggregory
UpdateUpdate docs for SyslogAppender: "No structured id name was supplied" Fixes LOG4J2-901. Thanks to Tihomir Meščić, Siegfried Greisinger.ggregory
UpdateUpdate from Jackson 2.5.0 to 2.5.1. Fixes LOG4J2-958.ggregory
UpdateUpdate from Jackson 2.4.4 to 2.5.0. Fixes LOG4J2-925.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4. Fixes LOG4J2-910.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3. Fixes LOG4J2-881.ggregory
UpdateUpdate maven-core from 3.1.0 to 3.2.3. Fixes LOG4J2-882.ggregory
UpdateUpdate tests from org.apache.felix.framework 4.2.1 to 4.4.1. Fixes LOG4J2-883.ggregory
UpdateUpdate org.eclipse.osgi from 3.6.0 to 3.7.1. Fixes LOG4J2-884.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Apache Flume from to 1.5.2. Fixes LOG4J2-900.ggregory

Release 2.1 – 2014-10-19

FixSome typo fixes and enhancements for the site. Fixes LOG4J2-676. Thanks to Stefan Bodewig.rgoers
AddAdd ShutdownCallbackRegistry interface for customizable shutdown callback handling. This is particularly useful for application servers that wish to integrate with Log4j 2. Fixes LOG4J2-868.mattsicker
FixDocumentation: fixed missing closing parenthesis in code example. Fixes LOG4J2-866. Thanks to Gerard Weatherby.rpopma
FixFixed classloader issue that prevented Log4j from finding the implementation when used in a custom Ant task. Fixes LOG4J2-862. Thanks to Michael Sutherland.mattsicker
AddSupported filtering on custom log levels in configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-589.rpopma
FixDocumentation: fix broken links on left navigation Extending Log4j Configuration sub-menu. Fixes LOG4J2-861.rpopma
AddDocumentation: add sections on the JUL Adapter, IO Streams and NoSQL Appenders to the Maven and Ivy page. Fixes LOG4J2-856.rpopma
FixDocumentation: clarified why log4j-core is a compile time dependency in Maven and Ivy page. Fixes LOG4J2-797. Thanks to Andreas Rytina.rpopma
FixDocumentation: fix broken links on Appenders manual page. Fixes LOG4J2-855.rpopma
FixPrevent NPE when configuration with AsyncLogger/AsyncRoot is reloaded. Fixes LOG4J2-807.rpopma
AddAdd a Java lookup to provide nicely formatted runtime version information. Fixes LOG4J2-848.ggregory
AddMove reflection utility class to API's private utility classes. Fixes LOG4J2-809.mattsicker
UpdateAdd 2.1.0 to compatible versions in Log4j API ProviderUtil and update Log4jAPIVersion to 2.1.0 in core META-INF/log4j-provider.properties. Fixes LOG4J2-845.mattsicker
AddDocumentation: added Runtime Dependencies link to left nav-bar on site. Fixes LOG4J2-833.rpopma
AddDocumentation: added section on XInclude to user manual Configuration page. Fixes LOG4J2-816.rpopma
FixDocumentation: fixed minor issues with Log4j2 web site/documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-678. Thanks to Matt Sicker.rpopma
UpdateUpdate JMH to 1.1 from 0.7.2. Fixes LOG4J2-844.rpopma
FixMigrate JpaHyperSqlAppenderTest JUnit performance test to log4j-perf. Fixes LOG4J2-843.rpopma
FixMigrate JpaH2AppenderTest JUnit performance test to log4j-perf. Fixes LOG4J2-842.rpopma
FixMigrate JdbcHyperSqlAppenderTest JUnit performance test to log4j-perf. Fixes LOG4J2-841.rpopma
FixMigrate JdbcH2AppenderTest JUnit performance test to log4j-perf. Fixes LOG4J2-840.rpopma
FixRespect external interrupt signal to allow application shutdown after joining AsyncAppender thread. Fixes LOG4J2-830.rpopma
FixMarkerManager Log4jMarker.hasParents() returns opposite of correct result. Fixes LOG4J2-813. Thanks to David Erichsen, Brandon Barry.ggregory
FixDocumentation: fixed capitalization inconsistency in user manual example config. Fixes LOG4J2-785.rpopma
FixFixed issue in RollingFile filePattern: backslashes are path separators, not escape characters. Fixes LOG4J2-829.rpopma
AddAdd the Log4j IOStreams component. Fixes LOG4J2-547.mattsicker
AddAdded Memory-Mapped File Appender. Fixes LOG4J2-431. Thanks to Claude Mamo.rpopma
FixThrowableProxy fails if a class in logged stack trace throws java.lang.Error from initializer Fixes LOG4J2-832. Thanks to Seth Leger.ggregory
UpdateDocumentation: updated FAQ "which jars" diagrams for JUL bridge and 2.1 version. Fixes LOG4J2-831.rpopma
AddSupport use of TypeConverter classes through the standard Plugin system. Fixes LOG4J2-827.mattsicker
FixAvoid ConverterKey plugin clashes by using a more predictable plugin loading infrastructure. Plugins have been segmented into three parts: class path, user-specified packages, and OSGi bundles. Fixes LOG4J2-745. Thanks to Scott Harrington.mattsicker
FixFixed plugin scanning redundancy causing massive slowdowns in certain environments. Fixes LOG4J2-798. Thanks to Scott Harrington.mattsicker
FixReduced CachedClock thread contention. Fixes LOG4J2-753.rpopma
FixFixed memory leak in Tomcat 6 caused by clock background threads unintentionally started by Tomcat after web application stop. Fixes LOG4J2-819. Thanks to Gary Gregory.mattsicker
AddAdd simple validation constraint annotations for the Plugin system. Fixes LOG4J2-825.mattsicker
AddImplement a GELF layout. Fixes LOG4J2-428. Thanks to Mark Paluch, Mikael Ståldal.ggregory
FixFlumePersistentManager now handles LockConflictExceptions in Berkeley Db when sending a batch. Fixes LOG4J2-391. Thanks to Kamal Bahadur.rgoers
FixRemove invalid Oracle Maven repository. Fixes LOG4J2-782.mattsicker
UpdateUpdate Spring Framework to 3.2.11.RELEASE from 3.2.8.RELEASE. Fixes LOG4J2-780.mattsicker
UpdateUnify the two JMS appenders into a single appender. Configurations written for 2.0 will still work in 2.1+. Fixes LOG4J2-815.mattsicker
AddAdd java.util.logging implementation based on log4j-api. See log4j-jul documentation for more details. Fixes LOG4J2-608.mattsicker
FixFixed issue where log4j-to-slf4j did not work correctly with SLF4J Simple Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-796.rpopma
FixSimpleLogger throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for an empty array. Fixes LOG4J2-811. Thanks to Yogesh Rao.ggregory
FixFix OSGi Import-Package problem with the JMS API. Fixes LOG4J2-663. Thanks to Florian Brunner.mattsicker
AddAdd support for custom SLF4J Markers in log4j-slf4j-impl module. Fixes LOG4J2-793.mattsicker
FixPatternLayout should use platform character encoding by default, not UTF-8. Fixes LOG4J2-783. Thanks to Minglei Lee.rpopma
AddAdd lookup for application main arguments. Fixes LOG4J2-771.ggregory
AddAdd lookup for JVM arguments. Fixes LOG4J2-787.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson to 2.4.2 from 2.4.1 (for XML and JSON processing). Fixes LOG4J2-790.ggregory
UpdateIncomplete documentation for JSONLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-766. Thanks to Bruno P. Kinoshita.ggregory
UpdateAll life cycle implementations should be serializable. This is still work in progress. Fixes LOG4J2-800.ggregory
Updateorg.apache.logging.log4j.core.Logger should be serializable. This is still work in progress. Fixes LOG4J2-801.ggregory
UpdateUpdate javax.mail to 1.5.2 from 1.5.0. Fixes LOG4J2-810.ggregory
UpdateUpdate org.eclipse.persistence.jpa to 2.5.2 from 2.5.1. Fixes LOG4J2-822.ggregory
UpdateFlumeAppender: maxDelay not in seconds, but milliseconds. Add time scale to some settings, for example maxDelayMillis instead of maxDelay. The old names are aliased for compatibility. Fixes LOG4J2-867.ggregory

Release 2.0.2 – 2014-08-16

UpdateUpdate Apache Flume to from 1.5.0. Fixes LOG4J2-775.ggregory
FixSite: log4j-core component pages were still using the old logo. Fixes LOG4J2-773.rpopma
FixDocumentation improvement: link to dependency tree from log4j-core component page, link to log4j-core component page from FAQ page. Fixes LOG4J2-760.rpopma
FixResolved race condition that caused log file rotation to fail with error: "Unable to create directory ..." Fixes LOG4J2-679.rpopma
FixPrevent application from hanging when PatternLayout configuration has opening '{' but no closing '}'. Fixes LOG4J2-726.rpopma
FixStartup takes a long time if you have empty packages attribute. Fixes LOG4J2-769. Thanks to Scott Harrington.rpopma
FixImproved asynchronous loggers and appenders to ensure the formatted message does not change even if parameters are modified by the application. (ParameterizedMessage was already safe.) Improved documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-763. Thanks to Stephen Connolly.rpopma
FixEmit warning message to console if no configuration file found. Fixes LOG4J2-729.rpopma
FixImprove warning message when missing log4j-core in the classpath. Fixes LOG4J2-765.rpopma
FixClarified in documentation that Commons Logging jar is required when using log4j-jcl. Fixes LOG4J2-722.rpopma
FixClarified in documentation that SLF4J API jar is required when using log4j-slf4j-impl. Fixes LOG4J2-723.rpopma
UpdateAllow Log4jContextFactory subclasses to specify a custom ContextSelector. Fixes LOG4J2-730.rpopma
FixFixed various minor site/documentation issues, mostly versioning related. Fixes LOG4J2-759.rpopma
FixPrevent JUnit test from creating unnecessary Log4j2Plugins.dat during build. Fixes LOG4J2-756. Thanks to Scott Harrington.rpopma

Release 2.0.1 – 2014-07-29

FixAvoid unnecessary Clock calls when TimestampMessage is logged. Fixes LOG4J2-744. Thanks to Scott Harrington.rpopma
FixImproved error message if configuration file not found. Fixes LOG4J2-704.rpopma
FixWebapp configuration page has incorrect class name. Fixes LOG4J2-750. Thanks to Mike Calmus.ggregory
FixRetain the default date pattern after fixing the ISO8601 pattern. Fixes LOG4J2-749. Thanks to Scott Harrington.rpopma
FixDatePatternConverter ISO8601_PATTERN now conforms to ISO8601. Fixes LOG4J2-670.rpopma
FixReinstate the package configuration attribute for discovering custom plugins. Fixes LOG4J2-741.rpopma
FixXInclude not working with relative path. Fixes LOG4J2-742. Thanks to Pascal Chollet.ggregory
FixFixed typo in webapp manual regarding sample web.xml file. Fixes LOG4J2-740. Thanks to Kosta Krauth.mattsicker
FixRollingFileManager deadlock if async action thread fails to start. Fixes LOG4J2-738. Thanks to Timothy Stack.ggregory
FixFixed log4j-bom so that it won't specify a default scope on any third party dependencies. Fixes LOG4J2-736.mattsicker
FixFixed log4j-bom so that it won't interfere with spring-bom and others. Fixes LOG4J2-735.mattsicker
FixUpdated documentation regarding extensions to LoggerContextFactory and Log4j 2 providers. Fixes LOG4J2-731.mattsicker
FixFixed ClassLoader issues in loading Log4j providers in an OSGi environment. Fixes LOG4J2-373.mattsicker
AddAdded WebLoggerContextUtils class to log4j-web for helper methods useful for asynchronous servlets. Fixes LOG4J2-725.mattsicker
AddAdded documentation for Custom Levels and Custom Loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-710.rpopma
FixCorrectly handle NetworkOnMainThreadException thrown on Android during Log4j2 initialization. Fixes LOG4J2-719.rpopma
FixAutomatically disable log4j JMX when detecting we are running on Android. Fixes LOG4J2-716.rpopma
FixFixed AbstractDatabaseManager to close connection on writeInternal error. Fixes LOG4J2-657. Thanks to Stefan Wehner.rpopma
FixAndroid: java.lang.VerifyError: org/apache/logging/log4j/core/util/Closer Fixes LOG4J2-713. Thanks to Nelson Melina.ggregory
FixAndroid: Could not find class 'javax.naming.InitialContext', referenced from method org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.JndiLookup.lookup. Fixes LOG4J2-703. Thanks to Nelson Melina.ggregory
Update to LMAX Disruptor 3.3.0 from 3.2.1. Fixes LOG4J2-732.ggregory
Update to latest Jackson jars from the 2.4.1.X line. Fixes LOG4J2-733.ggregory

Release 2.0 – 2014-07-12

FixFixed issue where Async Logger does not log thread context stack data. API change: added method getImmutableStackOrNull() to ThreadContext.ContextStack interface. Fixes LOG4J2-705.rpopma
FixUpdate docs to clarify how to use formatter logger and standard logger together. Fixes LOG4J2-631.rpopma
AddAdded support for generating custom logger wrappers that replace the existing log levels and extended logger wrappers that add custom log levels to the existing ones. Fixes LOG4J2-519.rpopma
FixLoggerConfigs with no Level now inherit the Level from their parent. Fixes LOG4J2-441.rgoers
AddRegexFilter does not match multiline log messages. Fixes LOG4J2-696.ggregory
FixPatternLayout manual page missing documentation on header/footer. Fixes LOG4J2-699.rpopma
FixFixed Serialization error with SocketAppender and Async Loggers. (Fixed in RC2, but wasn't included in release notes.) Fixes LOG4J2-625.rpopma
FixJMX GUI: fixed occasional ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after pressing "reconfigure with XML below". (Fixed in RC2, but wasn't included in release notes.) Fixes LOG4J2-538.rpopma
FixAsyncLoggerContextSelector should ensure that different AsyncLoggerContext objects created by web app classloaders have unique names. Fixes LOG4J2-666.rpopma
FixFix annotation processor warnings on JDK 1.7+. Fixes LOG4J2-683. Thanks to Jurriaan Mous.mattsicker
FixFix strange compilation error that popped up in a test class. Fixes LOG4J2-694.mattsicker
FixUpdate documentation to specify only Maven 3 is supported. Fixes LOG4J2-692.rgoers
FixLog4j Web test dependencies should be in scope "test" in the pom. Fixes LOG4J2-690. Thanks to Philip Helger.rgoers
FixSpecial characters (tab and so on) in PatternLayout do not work. Fixes LOG4J2-682. Thanks to Scott Harrington.ggregory
UpdateMake org.apache.logging.log4j.core.layout.AbstractLayout immutable. Fixes LOG4J2-685.ggregory
FixCore's OptionConverter support for \b is broken (affects PatternLayout). Fixes LOG4J2-686.ggregory
FixRename org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.Closer.closeSilent() to closeSilently(). Fixes LOG4J2-687.ggregory
FixMake org.apache.logging.log4j.core.layout.PatternLayout immutable. Fixes LOG4J2-688.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson to 2.4.1. Fixes LOG4J2-689.ggregory
FixSome exceptions are not logged when configuration problems are detected. Fixes LOG4J2-707.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Apache Commons Logging to 1.2 from 1.1.3. Fixes LOG4J2-709.ggregory

Release 2.0-rc2 – 2014-06-21

AddRollingFile and RollingRandomAccessFile now write the layout footer before rollover. Fixes LOG4J2-675.rpopma
FixRollingRandomAccessFile now writes the layout header after rollover. Fixes LOG4J2-581. Thanks to Alexander Khokhlov.rpopma
FixRollingFileManager now correctly honours the bufferedIO configuration after rollover. Fixes LOG4J2-622. Thanks to Farooq Khan.rpopma
AddMade RollingFileAppender buffer size configurable. Fixes LOG4J2-674.rpopma
FixImproved documentation regarding log4j status logger. Fixes LOG4J2-141. Thanks to Joern Huxhorn.rpopma
FixFixed issue with "Reconfigure using XML below" function in JMX Client GUI. ConfigurationSource is now a top-level class and can be obtained with Configuration.getConfigurationSource(). LoggerContext.getConfiguration().getConfigurationSource() provides a reliable public method for obtaining a logger context's configuration location and content. Fixes LOG4J2-539. Thanks to Colin Froggatt.rpopma
FixInvalid XML configuration files do not prevent the config file from being checked again. Fixes LOG4J2-619. Thanks to Scott Harrington.rgoers
FixJMX: Updating a Logger's level via jConsole now correctly takes effect. Fixes LOG4J2-637. Thanks to Mansoor Sajjad, Jon Wilmoth.rpopma
FixCorrectly process log events when combining AsyncLoggers with AsyncAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-668.rpopma
FixPrevent NPE when combining AsyncLoggers with AsyncLoggerConfigs. Fixes LOG4J2-669.rpopma
AddCreate an appender to route log events to the ServletContext log. Fixes LOG4J2-42.rgoers
UpdateSupport default value for missing key in look ups with fallbacking to looking in the properties map. Fixes LOG4J2-419. Thanks to Woonsan Ko.rgoers
FixFlumeAvroManager now always uses a client type of default_failover. Fixes LOG4J2-563. Thanks to Michael Friedmann.rgoers
UpdateAllow configuration files to be located as Servlet Context resources. Fixes LOG4J2-554.rgoers
FixReset rollover time when size rollover is triggered. Fixes LOG4J2-535.rgoers
FixMoved plugin cache file to META-INF for OSGi compatibility. Fixes LOG4J2-664.mattsicker
FixFix NPE that can be caused by a null ThreadContextClassLoader. Fixes LOG4J2-640.mattsicker
AddAdd Vagrantfile for testing in GNU+Linux. Fixes LOG4J2-655.mattsicker
FixLog4j 2 throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Fixes LOG4J2-651.ggregory
AddAdd log4j-perf module to provide a home for all log4j performance tests. Add support for JMH microbenchmark performance tests. Fixes LOG4J2-654.rpopma
AddAdd support for default plugin values and attributes. Fixes LOG4J2-652.mattsicker
AddAdd support for types other than String for plugin factory values/attributes. Fixes LOG4J2-598.mattsicker
UpdateRefactor Log4jLogEvent to lazily create ThrowableProxy. Fixes LOG4J2-250.rpopma
UpdateUpgrade to Flume 1.5.0. Fixes LOG4J2-647.ggregory
AddImplement a SecureSocketAppender and secure server (SSL/TLS). Fixes LOG4J2-644.ggregory
UpdateMerge the TLS Syslog appender into the Syslog appender. Fixes LOG4J2-646.ggregory
FixPerform reconfiguration in a separate thread to prevent deadlocks. Fixes LOG4J2-620.rgoers
UpdateOverride commons-logging dependency version in tests. Fixes LOG4J2-641.mattsicker
FixPrevent NPE in AsyncLogger and AsyncLoggerConfig if logger is used after log4j has been shut down. Fixes LOG4J2-639. Thanks to Mck SembWever.rpopma
FixFailoverAppender was not resetting its status after the primary appender recovered. Fixes LOG4J2-469.rgoers
FixGenerate MDC properties as a JSON map in JSONLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-623.rgoers
UpdateMade RollingRandomAccessFileAppender buffer size configurable. Fixes LOG4J2-566. Thanks to Luigi Alice.rpopma
FixResolved issue where AsyncAppender dropped events if queue still contained events when application is stopped. Fixes LOG4J2-520. Thanks to JavaTech, Andre Bogus.rpopma
FixResolved a problem with the previous solution for LOG4J2-392 that resulted in dropped events when using AsyncLoggerConfig with slow appenders when application is stopped. Fixes LOG4J2-392. Thanks to Andre Bogus.rpopma
FixThe OSGi version of log4j-web imports Servlet 2.5 at minimum instead of 3.0. Fixes LOG4J2-613.mattsicker
FixUnit tests are now less verbose during the build process. Fixes LOG4J2-602.rgoers
FixFix shutdown thread memory leak in servlet containers. Fixes LOG4J2-570.mattsicker
UpdateUse Clock to generate all log event timestamps, not just for Async Loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-628.rpopma
AddDocument the system properties used in Log4J 2. Fixes LOG4J2-629.rpopma
FixMake Throwable transient in ThrowableProxy. Fixes LOG4J2-542.rgoers
UpdateUpdate SLF4J to 1.7.7. Fixes LOG4J2-617.mattsicker
UpdateUpdate Jackson to 2.3.3. Fixes LOG4J2-616.mattsicker
FixDuring shutdown, a NullPointerException could be thrown due to the NullConfiguration class no longer being available to the ClassLoader. Fixes LOG4J2-440.mattsicker
FixCyclic dependency with log4j-slf4j-impl in OSGi. Fixes LOG4J2-346.mattsicker
FixThe log4j-1.2-api module didn't export any packages to OSGi. Fixes LOG4J2-345.mattsicker
FixPassword data from the NoSQL plugins no longer shows up in cleartext in debug logging. Fixes LOG4J2-605.mattsicker
FixA StringIndexOutOfBounds exception could occur during property substitution. Fixes LOG4J2-448. Thanks to X86core.rgoers
FixStatusLogger was not skipping multiple instances of the FQCN class, causing messages from classes in the Verbose list to be printed. Fixes LOG4J2-597.rgoers
UpdateAdd support for multiple parents to Markers. Fixes LOG4J2-585. Thanks to Bruce Brouwer.rgoers
AddIntroduce Java annotation processor as the new plugin pre-caching mechanism. This is available in log4j-core. All custom plugins created before this should be re-built against the current log4j-core. Fixes LOG4J2-595.mattsicker
FixRenamed SLF4J logger class to Log4jLogger. Fixes LOG4J2-564.mattsicker
FixRework Level comparison APIs. Fixes LOG4J2-579.ggregory
AddAdd org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger.getLevel(). Fixes LOG4J2-576.ggregory
UpdateMake Blocking the default WaitStrategy for Async Loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-574.rpopma
UpdateIntroduce ExtendedLogger interface to facilitate implementing and extending Loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-555. Thanks to Bruce Brouwer.rpopma
FixSyslogAppenderTest and RFC5424LayoutTest were failing in Java 8. Fixes LOG4J2-560.rgoers
UpdateAllow spaces around commas in Configuration's package attribute. Fixes LOG4J2-561. Thanks to vibin.ggregory
UpdateHave Logger API expose a PrintWriter instead of custom LoggerStream. Fixes LOG4J2-547. Thanks to Bruce Brouwer.rgoers
AddAdd EncodingPatternConverter to escape newlines and HTML special characters. Fixes LOG4J2-439. Thanks to Bruce Brouwer.rgoers
UpdateAllow header and footer to be specified as lookup patterns in PatternLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-496.rgoers
FixAdd equals and hashcode to Log4jLogEvent. Fixes LOG4J2-499.rgoers
UpdateSLf4JLogger is now Serializable. Fixes LOG4J2-410. Thanks to Ivlin Zeng.rgoers
AddAdd support for configuration via YAML. Fixes LOG4J2-427. Thanks to Alexander Reelsen.rgoers
FixAdd DateLookup and ThreadContextLookup to default lookups. Fixes LOG4J2-378.rgoers
UpdateAdd support to add a LoggerConfig. Document two ways to modify the configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-468.rgoers
UpdateRename org.apache.logging.log4j.core.net.SocketServer to TCPSocketServer and refactor with UDP. Fixes LOG4J2-582.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson to 2.3.2 from 2.2.2. Fixes LOG4J2-592.ggregory

Release 2.0-rc1 – 2014-02-16

Removed the DataSourceConnectionSource and the <DriverManager> plugin for the JDBC Appender. It is not safe to use. Please use the DataSource or factory connection sources backed by a connection pool.nickwilliams
UpdateRenamed the org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.nosql.mongo package to org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.nosql.mongodb.nickwilliams
UpdateRenamed the org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.nosql.couch package to org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.nosql.couchdb.grobmeier
Fix(JMX - ObjectNames changed!) Unloading one web application unloads JMX MBeans for all web applications. Fixes LOG4J2-500.rpopma
UpdateSpace Level numbers by 100 instead of 1. Fixes LOG4J2-507.ggregory
FixFixed bugs where rolled log files were overwritten by RollingFile appender with composite time and size based policies. Fixes LOG4J2-531. Thanks to Geoff Ballinger.rpopma
FixChanged the MongoDBConnection to add a MongoDB encoding hook instead of a decoding hook. Fixes LOG4J2-475. Thanks to Matt Sicker.nickwilliams
FixFixed the JPAAppender's overuse of transactions by connecting (borrowing from pool) on new write internal or on flush. Fixes LOG4J2-489.nickwilliams
FixFixed failure of JDBC and JPA appender to properly release database connections by connecting (borrowing from pool) on new write internal or on flush. Fixes LOG4J2-457.nickwilliams
FixFixed problem with JDBC and JPA appender connectivity in WebSphere by connecting (borrowing from pool) on new write internal or on flush. Fixes LOG4J2-442.nickwilliams
FixEnsured the JDBCAppender commits transactions after a single write or a flush of multiple writes. Fixes LOG4J2-438.nickwilliams
FixFixed inability to recover from lost database connection in database appenders by connecting (borrowing from pool) on new write internal or on flush. Fixes LOG4J2-407.nickwilliams
Add(JMX) JMX Client GUI should dynamically update when LoggerContext MBeans are registered/unregistered in MBean server. Fixes LOG4J2-530.rpopma
FixStop AsyncLoggerConfig Disruptor thread(s), then AsyncAppender thread(s) first before stopping other appenders. Fixes LOG4J2-511. Thanks to James Pretorius.rpopma
FixStop AsyncLoggerConfig Disruptor thread(s), then AsyncAppender thread(s) first before stopping other appenders. Fixes LOG4J2-392. Thanks to ilynaf, Andre Bogus.rpopma
Fix(OSGi) logging.log4j-1.2-api doesn't export the log4j API 1.2. Dependent bundles can not be resolved. Fixes LOG4J2-345. Thanks to Roland Weiglhofer, Matt Sicker.rpopma
FixLocalizedMessage serialization is broken. Fixes LOG4J2-523.ggregory
FixFixed issues with time-based file rollover (monthly, weekly, hourly and every minute). Fixes LOG4J2-385. Thanks to Ace Funk, Porfirio Partida.rpopma
FixAdded a ServletContext attribute that, when set to "true", disables Log4j's auto-initialization in Servlet 3.0+ web applications. Fixes LOG4J2-452.nickwilliams
FixExposed Log4j web support interface and methods and the LoggerContext through ServletContext attributes so that threads not affected by filters (such as asynchronous threads) can utilize the LoggerContext. Also updated the Log4j filter so that it supports async. Fixes LOG4J2-512. Thanks to Chandra Sekhar Kakarla, Matt Sicker.nickwilliams
FixCreated a utility to properly escape backslashes before creating URIs, and changed URI creation to use the utility instead of instantiating URI directly. Fixes LOG4J2-409. Thanks to Frank Steinmann, Thomas Neidhart.nickwilliams
FixChanged the Servlet 3.0 auto-initializer to add the filter by class to get around a WebLogic bug. Fixes LOG4J2-344. Thanks to Keir Lawson, Tomasz Wladzinski.nickwilliams
FixChanged the Servlet 3.0 auto-initializer so that it does nothing in a Servlet 2.5 or older application. This ensures behavioral consistency across containers. This includes additional fixes to abort initialization if a duplicate filter already exists and to check the actual Servlet EFFECTIVE version. Fixes LOG4J2-359. Thanks to Abhinav Shah.nickwilliams
FixSwitch in log4j-1.2-api Category.getEffectiveLevel has no cases for FATAL, OFF. Fixes LOG4J2-517.rpopma
UpdateAdd support for custom logging levels. Fixes LOG4J2-41. Thanks to Nick Williams.rgoers
Fix(JMX) Unregister all log4j JMX MBeans when the LoggerContext is stopped to allow web application classes to be GC-ed on undeploy. Fixes LOG4J2-406. Thanks to Kerrigan Joseph.rpopma
FixConfiguration was being processed twice at startup. Fixes LOG4J2-405.rgoers
AddThreadContext now uses plain ThreadLocal by default, unless system property isThreadContextMapInheritable has value "true". Fixes LOG4J2-479. Thanks to MK.rpopma
FixConfigure properties and setup Interpolator before processing rest of configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-398.rgoers
AddAdd Stream interface to Loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-481. Thanks to Matt Sicker.rgoers
UpdateUpdate EasyMock to version 3.2. Fixes LOG4J2-490. Thanks to Matt Sicker.rgoers
FixhostName property was not being set until after the first configuration element. Fixes LOG4J2-470.rgoers
FixSupport arrays as sub-elements of a JSON configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-464.rgoers
Fix(JMX) Fixed MalformedObjectNameException if context name contains '=' or newline characters. Fixes LOG4J2-492. Thanks to Shaddy Baddah, Herlani Junior.rpopma
Fix(OSGi) Fix NPE during shutdown. Fixes LOG4J2-377. Thanks to Roland Weiglhofer, Matt Sicker.rpopma
FixFixed documentation for MyApp example application in the Automatic Configuration section Fixes LOG4J2-463. Thanks to Michael Diamond, Matt Sicker.rpopma
FixFixed error in documentation code example in manual/eventlogging.html Fixes LOG4J2-408. Thanks to Dongqing Hu, Matt Sicker.rpopma
FixFixed typo in documentation: system property should be log4j2.loggerContextFactory Fixes LOG4J2-451. Thanks to Vinay Pothnis, Matt Sicker.rpopma
Fix(JMX) Fixed issue where log4j2 LoggerContext did not show up in JMX GUI or JConsole. Fixes LOG4J2-443. Thanks to Colin Froggatt, Tudor Har.rpopma
FixFixed issue where toString methods that perform logging could deadlock AsyncAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-485.rpopma
FixResolverUtil cannot find packages in file URLs which include the '+' character. Fixes LOG4J2-445. Thanks to Anthony Baldocchi.rpopma
FixUse the formatted Message in RFC5424Layout for non-StructuredDataMessages. Fixes LOG4J2-430. Thanks to David Gstir.rgoers
FixSet external context when constructing the LoggerContext. Fixes LOG4J2-459.rgoers
FixCannot load log4j2 config file if path contains plus '+' characters. Fixes LOG4J2-466. Thanks to Jan Tepke.rpopma
FixFix LogEvent to never return null Level, fixes LevelPatternConverter.format may throw NPE. Fixes LOG4J2-462. Thanks to Daisuke Baba.rpopma
FixFix LogEvent to never return null Level, fixes ThresholdFilter throws NPE. Fixes LOG4J2-465. Thanks to Daisuke Baba.rpopma
FixFixed issue where toString methods that perform logging could deadlock AsyncLogger. Fixes LOG4J2-471. Thanks to Anthony Baldocchi.rpopma
AddDocumentation fix: The attribute of Route to refer to an appender is "ref" not "AppenderRef". Fixes LOG4J2-482. Thanks to Hongdi Ren.rpopma
AddAdded option to toggle Thread name caching in AsyncLogger. Fixes LOG4J2-467. Thanks to Anthony Baldocchi.rpopma
FixThe message and ndc fields are not JavaScript escaped in JSONLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-478. Thanks to Michael Friedmann..ggregory
FixRingBufferLogEvent should return Message timestamp for TimestampMessage messages. Fixes LOG4J2-455. Thanks to Robin Zhang Tao.rpopma
FixNPE in ClassLoaderContextSelector. Fixes LOG4J2-477. Thanks to Tal Liron.rpopma
FixTimeBasedTriggeringPolicy should use event time millis. Fixes LOG4J2-454. Thanks to Robin Zhang Tao.rpopma
FixBaseConfiguration class does not properly implement Configuration interface. Fixes LOG4J2-472. Thanks to Tal Liron.rpopma
FixXMLLayout does not include marker name. Fixes LOG4J2-447. Thanks to Jeff Hudren, Mark Paluch, Scott Deboy.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Flume Appender to use Flume 1.4.0. Fixes LOG4J2-453.rgoers
Add(JMX) Added MBeans for instrumenting AsyncAppenders and AsyncLogger RingBuffers, exposing queue size, remaining capacity and other attributes. Fixes LOG4J2-423.rpopma
FixResolved memory leak by releasing reference to ThreadLocal when AsyncLogger is stopped. Fixes LOG4J2-323.rpopma
FixResolved memory leak by populating AsyncLoggerConfigHelper ring buffer via EventTranslatorTwoArg, eliminating the need for a ThreadLocal. Fixes LOG4J2-425.rpopma
AddCreate a lookup for resource bundle substitution. Fixes LOG4J2-420.ggregory
FixFix Event Level / LoggerConfig Level table at the architecture documentation page. Fixes LOG4J2-417.ggregory
AddFormat log event time as UNIX time (seconds or milliseconds). Fixes LOG4J2-415.ggregory
Fix@EnterpriseNumber" was missing in the ID of structured data when RFC5424Layout is used Fixes LOG4J2-404. Thanks to Kamal Bahadur.rgoers
FixFixed issue that prevented Log4J from working in Google App Engine. Fixes LOG4J2-379.rpopma
AddConfigure FileAppender buffer size. Fixes LOG4J2-401.ggregory
AddConfigure RandomAccessFileAppender buffer size. Fixes LOG4J2-402.ggregory
UpdateRename package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.rolling.helper to org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.rolling.action. Fixes LOG4J2-528.ggregory
UpdateResource leak in Flume appender when it cannot create a BerkeleyDB db. Fixes LOG4J2-532.ggregory
UpdatePatternLayout option to not output ANSI escape codes if no Console is available. Fixes LOG4J2-413.ggregory

Release 2.0-beta9 – 2013-09-14

UpdateRenamed FastFileAppender and FastRollingFileAppender to RandomAccessFileAppender and RollingRandomAccessFileAppender. Configurations using the Fast(Rolling)File element no longer work and should be modified to use the (Rolling)RandomAccessFile element. Fixes LOG4J2-317.ggregory
UpdateChanged the "suppressExceptions" configuration attribute for all Appenders to "ignoreExceptions" to avoid confusion with Java 7 suppressed exceptions. Also renamed the Appender#isExceptionSuppressed() method to Appender#ignoreExceptions() to avoid the same confusion. All Appenders by default internally log and then ignore exceptions encountered while logging. Setting "ignoreExceptions" to "false" on an Appender causes it to allow exceptions to propagate to the caller. You must set "ignoreExceptions" to "false" for Appenders you are wrapping in the Failover Appender.nickwilliams
UpdateChanged the (relatively new) PatternLayout configuration attribute "suppressExceptions" to "alwaysWriteExceptions" to more correctly indicate what it does. As such, the meaning of this attribute has reversed (previous "true"s should become "false"s, and vice versa). Since this was an undocumented attribute up until now, it's unlikely this change will affect any users.nickwilliams
FixFix table of contents generation in pdf. Fixes LOG4J2-226.rgoers
FixAllow classpath scheme when specifying configuration file location as a system property. Fixes LOG4J2-395. Thanks to Abhinav Shah.rgoers
FixInitialize PluginManager once during configuration. Move advertisement setup into BaseConfiguration. Fixes LOG4J2-393.rgoers
FixFlumePersistentManager now handles LockConflictExceptions in Berkeley Db. Fixes LOG4J2-391. Thanks to Kamal Bahadur.rgoers
AddAllow the default file rollover strategy to define the compression level. Fixes LOG4J2-399.ggregory
AddAdd TLSAppender. Also added missing license headers to several files. Fixes LOG4J2-338. Thanks to Tibor Benke.rgoers
FixUse rollover date when substituting ${date} in the filePattern. Fixes LOG4J2-380.rgoers
AddAdded FAQ page to the site. Fixes LOG4J2-253.rpopma
AddAdd a diagram to the site (FAQ page) that explains when to use which jar. Fixes LOG4J2-362.rpopma
FixCentralized reflective use of Reflection#getCallerClass and properly handled its instability in various versions of Java. Fixes LOG4J2-322.nickwilliams
FixReset the Configuration if the ClassLoaderContextSelector creates a LoggerContext without a configuration location and then is later provided one. Fixes LOG4J2-293.rgoers
FixChanged the ConfigurationFactory to recognize and properly use the classpath: URI scheme in addition to the classloader: URI scheme. Fixes LOG4J2-293. Thanks to Abhinav Shah.nickwilliams
FixChanged the Servlet 3.0 auto-initializer so that it does nothing in a Servlet 2.5 or older application. This ensures behavioral consistency across containers. Fixes LOG4J2-359. Thanks to Abhinav Shah.nickwilliams
AddAdd more options to PatternLayout to display more detailed information about a Throwable. Fixes LOG4J2-374. Thanks to Tibor Benke.ggregory
Add[Pattern Layout] Customize level names by length. Fixes LOG4J2-383.ggregory
Add[Pattern Layout] Customize level names to lower-case. Fixes LOG4J2-384.ggregory
UpdateAdd support for multiple SD-ELEMENTs in a RFC 5424 syslog message. Fixes LOG4J2-355. Thanks to Tibor Benke.ggregory
UpdateCleaned up tests and cleared up documentation for the JPA appender following the resolution of EclipseLink issue #412454.nickwilliams
FixFixed issue where SMTPAppender did not send mails with error or fatal level without prior info event. Fixes LOG4J2-310. Thanks to Olivier Lemasle.rpopma
FixAdd PatternLayout constructor to Log4j 1.2 bridge for Velocity. Fixes LOG4J2-368.rgoers
FixMatch artifact ids with Maven module names. Fixes LOG4J2-333. Thanks to Hervé Boutemy.ggregory
AddAdd WebLookup to retrieve information from the ServletContext. Fixes LOG4J2-364. Thanks to David Nault.rgoers
FixJMS appenders send two messages for one append. Fixes LOG4J2-367. Thanks to David Parry.ggregory
FixDouble stack trace logging when using %throwable in %style and %highlight. Fixes LOG4J2-319.ggregory
AddAllow Plugins to have aliases. Fixes LOG4J2-360.rgoers
FixNoSQLAppender using MongoDB provider ignores username and password attributes Fixes LOG4J2-358.nickwilliams
AddCreate a JSON Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-356.ggregory
FixRemoved unnecessary generics from Appender interface and implementing classes. Fixes LOG4J2-343. Thanks to Henning Schmiedehausen.rpopma
Fix[OSGi] wrong Fragment-Host in manifest files. Fixes LOG4J2-351. Thanks to Roland Weiglhofer.rpopma
FixAsyncLogger errors after multiple calls to LoggerContext.reconfigure(). Fixes LOG4J2-336. Thanks to Andre Bogus.rpopma
FixGive the AsyncAppender thread a more descriptive name for easier debugging/profiling. Fixes LOG4J2-347. Thanks to David Phillips.rpopma
FixModified documentation to refer to SLF4J Binding instead of SLF4J Bridge. Fixes LOG4J2-332. Thanks to Hervé Boutemy.rgoers
FixIgnore xml:base attributes. Fixes LOG4J2-342.rgoers
FixInsure jars and distributions only have a single License and Notice file. Fixes LOG4J2-309.rgoers
AddEnable XInclude for XML configurations. Fixes LOG4J2-341.ggregory
FixJPAAppender stops logging because META-INF/log4j-provider.properties is left open. Fixes LOG4J2-320.ggregory
FixFlumePersistentManager's writer thread had high CPU usage. Fixes LOG4J2-335.rgoers
FixRemoved erroneous check for affected MongoDB records, which always returns zero on inserts. Fixes LOG4J2-331.nickwilliams
FixAdded a BSON Transformer so that MongoDB can persist Log4j events. Fixes LOG4J2-330.nickwilliams
FixStatusLogger now only creates StatusData objects if they are the appropriate logging level. Fixes LOG4J2-329.rgoers
FixFlumePersistentManager was calling Berkeley DB's count method too frequently. Fixes LOG4J2-328.rgoers
FixAdditional fix to make AsyncAppender threads daemon threads and improve their thread name. Fixes LOG4J2-280.rpopma
FixThe slf4j-ext jar is now an optional dependency of the SLF4J bridge. Fixes LOG4J2-165.rgoers
UpdateAllow shutdown hook to be disabled in the configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-318.rgoers
FixRoutingAppender's default Route can now be an appender reference. Fixes LOG4J2-166.rgoers
AddAdd JNDILookup plugin. Fixes LOG4J2-313. Thanks to Woonsan Ko.rgoers
FixAdd getThrowable method to ThrowableProxy. Fixes LOG4J2-299.rgoers
FixThrowableProxy no longer extends Throwable. Fixes LOG4J2-216.rgoers
FixSynchronized flush() and close() methods in the XxxFileManager and OutputStreamManager classes. Fixes LOG4J2-311.rpopma
UpdateXML layout improvements (compact vs. pretty, namespace, namespace prefix, root element). Fixes LOG4J2-312.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Java Mail dependency to 1.5.0 from 1.4.7. Fixes LOG4J2-388.ggregory
UpdateUpdate JDBC tests to use H2 database 1.3.173 from 1.3.172. Fixes LOG4J2-325.ggregory
UpdateUpdate commons-logging to 1.1.3 from 1.1.1. Fixes LOG4J2-366.ggregory
UpdateUpdate HSQLDB dependency to 2.3.0 from 2.2.9. Fixes LOG4J2-390.ggregory
UpdateClarified which library versions were used in Async Loggers performance test. Fixes LOG4J2-308.rpopma
UpdateUpdated Async Loggers' LMAX Disruptor library from 3.0.1 to 3.2.0. Fixes LOG4J2-307.rpopma
UpdateUpdate JSON Jackson library to 2.2.2 from 2.2.1. Fixes LOG4J2-306.ggregory
UpdateUpdate Jackson dependency to 1.9.13 from 1.9.11. Fixes LOG4J2-387.ggregory
AddEase porting from 1.x Logger.getRootLogger(): add LogManager.getRootLogger(). Fixes LOG4J2-305.ggregory
FixFixed Async Loggers memory leak. Fixes LOG4J2-304.rpopma
FixFixed JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL appenders so that the failover appender properly fails over on error. Fixes LOG4J2-291.nickwilliams
UpdateImproved site by adding quick jump-off page and menu for Javadoc links for all components.nickwilliams
FixLogger.info(Message) Javadoc is incorrect. Fixes LOG4J2-397. Thanks to Yonatan Graber.ggregory

Release 2.0-beta8 – 2013-07-10

UpdateImproved logging initialization in Servlet containers, especially Servlet 3.0 and newer where Log4j now initializes and deinitializes automatically with no deployment descriptor configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-270.nickwilliams
FixAdded toString methods to ThreadContextStack/Map implementation classes. Fixes LOG4J2-302.rpopma
UpdateAdd printf methods to Logger API. Fixes LOG4J2-301.rgoers
FixWriterThread was ending when no agents are available which caused an OutOfMemoryError. Fixes LOG4J2-300.rgoers
UpdateAllow the default status level to be specified as a system property. Fixes LOG4J2-282.rgoers
FixFilter calls from Avro or Flume to be ignored by the FlumeAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-278.rgoers
FixFlumePersistentManager now calls Berkeley DB from threads to avoid encountering interrupts in the application. Fixes LOG4J2-279.rgoers
FixWasted work in FlumePersistentManager.createManager. Fixes LOG4J2-296.ggregory
FixWasted work in TestConfigurator.testEnvironment. Fixes LOG4J2-297.ggregory
FixWasted work in StyleConverterTest.setupClass. Fixes LOG4J2-298.ggregory
FixAsyncLogger threads are now daemon threads and won't prevent the JVM from shutting down anymore. Fixes LOG4J2-280.rpopma
FixFast(Rolling)FileAppender now correctly handles messages exceeding the buffer size. Fixes LOG4J2-295.rpopma
FixFastRollingFileAppender with TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy now works correctly if append=false. Fixes LOG4J2-271.rpopma
FixFastRollingFileAppender with TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy now works correctly if append=false. Fixes LOG4J2-267.rpopma
FixFast(Rolling)FileAppender now correctly appends to (does not overwrite) existing file. Fixes LOG4J2-292.rpopma
UpdateLogManager.getLogger can now be called without a logger name or with a null logger name. Fixes LOG4J2-294.rgoers
FixUpgrade javadoc plugin to 2.9.1 to fix javadoc security issue. Fixes LOG4J2-289.rgoers
UpdateUpdate JUnit to 4.11 from 4.7. Fixes LOG4J2-288.gregory
UpdateUpdate test H2 JDBC driver to 1.172 from 1.171. Fixes LOG4J2-286.gregory
UpdateUpdate Jansi jar to 1.11 from 1.9. Fixes LOG4J2-285.gregory
UpdateUpdate Log4j 1 dependency to 1.2.17 from 1.2.16. Fixes LOG4J2-284.gregory
UpdateUpdate NoSQL dependencies: lightcouch 0.0.6 from 0.0.5, mongodb 2.11.2 from 2.11.1. Fixes LOG4J2-386.gregory
UpdateRemove dependency on Apache ORO jar. Fixes LOG4J2-283.gregory
UpdateWasted work in RollingAppenderSizeTest.testAppender() and others. Fixes LOG4J2-277.gregory
FixFix NullPointerException (regression due to fix for LOG4J2-228) Fixes LOG4J2-139.rgoers
UpdateInclude arbitrary message fields in RFC-5424 structured data. Fixes LOG4J2-168. Thanks to Scott Severtson.rgoers
FixFlumeAvroManager fails to notify client of failing event if Flume RPCClient cannot be created. Fixes LOG4J2-275.rgoers
UpdateWasted work in UUIDUtil initialization. Fixes LOG4J2-274.ggregory
UpdateWasted work in XMLLayout.toSerializable(). Fixes LOG4J2-273.ggregory

Release 2.0-beta7 – 2013-06-01

UpdateAllow context parameters in Log4jContextListener to include properties. Fixes LOG4J2-249.rgoers
FixDo not allow a charset on RFC5424Layout - use UTF-8. Fixes LOG4J2-263.rgoers
FixStringFormattedMessage and MessageFormatMessage now will accept a Throwable as their last argument and pass it on. Fixes LOG4J2-242.rgoers
UpdateAllow custom LogEventFactories. Fixes LOG4J2-243.rgoers
UpdateAdd support for interceptors in the embedded Flume Appender. Fixes LOG4J2-262. Thanks to Edward Sargisson.rgoers
FixUse transaction when batch size is 1. Fixes LOG4J2-269.rgoers
FixAdd guid to FlumeEvent headers for non-Map Messages. Fixes LOG4J2-268.rgoers
FixData buffer is reset in finally clause. Fixes LOG4J2-246.rgoers
FixUDP now sends one event per packet. Fixes LOG4J2-228.rgoers
UpdateMethod name changes in interface org.apache.logging.log4j.spi.ThreadContextMap: getContext() to getCopy(), get() to getImmutableMapOrNull().rpopma
UpdateImprove ThreadContext performance with copy-on-write map and stack. Fixes LOG4J2-154.rpopma
FixAdd missing "not" to error message. Fixes LOG4J2-261. Thanks to Edward Sargisson.rgoers
AddBreak up core into multiple osgi jars. Fixes LOG4J2-10. Thanks to Timothy Ward.rgoers
FixRemove LoggerContext when LoggerContext is stopped. Fixes LOG4J2-223.rgoers
FixXML layout does not specify charset in content type. Fixes LOG4J2-260.ggregory
FixHTML layout does not specify charset in content type. Fixes LOG4J2-259.ggregory
FixHTML layout does not output meta element for charset. Fixes LOG4J2-258.ggregory
FixXML layout ignores charset for the XML processing intruction's encoding attribute. Fixes LOG4J2-257.ggregory
FixMulti-byte character strings are now assumed to be in the platform default encoding, not UTF-8. Fixes LOG4J2-255.rpopma
FixMark OutputStream in OutputStreamManager as volatile. Mark header and footer as final. Fixes LOG4J2-254.rgoers
FixRewrite Appender was ignoring filters on referenced appenders. Fixes LOG4J2-244.rgoers
FixAvoid EmptyStack exception if getCallerClass and SecurityManager are not available. Fixes LOG4J2-245.rgoers
AddNew JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL database Appenders. Fixes LOG4J2-229. Thanks to Nick Williams.ggregory
FixSocketServer.isActive should be volatile because it is accessed from different threads. Fixes LOG4J2-247.ggregory
AddProvide configuration information (location, content type, content if possible) via a registered Advertiser. Fixes LOG4J2-251.sdeboy

Release 2.0-beta6 – 2013-05-05

FixLogger.getParent() was not returning the correct Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-231.rgoers
FixRenamed Plugin annotation attribute from "type" to "category". Fixes LOG4J2-201.rgoers
UpdateMoved JMX Client GUI classes into separate jmx-gui submodule. Fixes LOG4J2-237.rpopma
FixFix: install default root logger if not configured (this is unchanged), but make sure to include configured named loggers. Clarified documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-219. Thanks to Peter DePasquale.rpopma
FixUse OSGi version format in Fragment-Host Fixes LOG4J2-159.rgoers
FixRegexFilter threw a NullPointerException when used as a context-wide filter. Fixes LOG4J2-234.rgoers
FixAdd support for interpolating Environment variables when processing the configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-192.rgoers
FixRemoved dependency on tools jar from core module, made jconsole dependency optional. Fixes LOG4J2-235. Thanks to Sebastian Oerding.rpopma
FixFixed link to log4j-user mailing list. Fixes LOG4J2-233.rpopma
UpdateImproved error reporting when misconfigured. Fixes LOG4J2-230. Thanks to Wojciech Zaręba.rpopma
FixDisruptor will now shutdown during Tomcat shutdown. Fixes LOG4J2-222. Thanks to Steven Yang.rgoers
UpdateRenamed AsynchAppender to AsyncAppender. Plugin name became Async (was Asynch).rpopma
UpdateRemoved CheckStyle false positives for NewlineAtEndOfFile and whitespace following '*' at end of line in javadoc.rpopma
UpdateMoved Clock interface to package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.helpers.rpopma
UpdateDocumentation updates to clarify use and impact of location in pattern layouts. Fixes LOG4J2-225.rpopma
FixThe FlumeAppender failed to start if the Flume RPCClient could not connect to any Flume agents. Fixes LOG4J2-224.rgoers
FixFix LoggerContext start and stop to eliminate IllegalStateException and NoClassDefFound errors. Fixes LOG4J2-223.rgoers
FixRemove hundreds of compiler warnings. Fixes LOG4J2-221. Thanks to Nick Williams.rgoers
FixVarious small documentation fixes. Fixes LOG4J2-215.rpopma
FixEnsure PluginManager streams are always closed. Fixes LOG4J2-217. Thanks to Fabien Sanglard.rpopma

Release 2.0-beta5 – 2013-04-20

FixFix deadlock in SocketAppender. Added option to not wait for socket reconnect. Fixes LOG4J2-205.rgoers
AddAdd JMX support. Fixes LOG4J2-207. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixRemoving extra spaces in entry and exit method output. Fixes LOG4J2-211. Thanks to Nick Williams.rgoers
UpdateAsync documentation update. Fixes LOG4J2-214. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixLoggers without a "." had no parent logger. Fixes LOG4J2-212.rgoers
UpdateMove async subproject into core. Fixes LOG4J2-208. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixCall LoggerContext.stop when the application is shutdown. Fixes LOG4J2-212.rgoers
FixMapMessage was not enclosing key value in quotes when generating XML. Fixes LOG4J2-210. Thanks to Arkin Yetis.rgoers
FixFlumeAvroManager now uses Flume RPCClient. Fixes LOG4J2-198.rgoers
FixFlumeAvroManager now uses Flume RPCClient. Fixes LOG4J2-196.rgoers
FixUse the Maven group ID org.apache.logging.log4j for all artifacts. Fixes LOG4J2-207.ggregory
AddAdd tag library. Fixes LOG4J2-187. Thanks to Nick Williams.rgoers
FixUnit tests now create files in the target directory. Fixes LOG4J2-195. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixRollingFastFileAppender (in log4j-async) did not roll over. Fixes LOG4J2-193. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixHighlight subprojects in sub-navigation. Fixes LOG4J2-199. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixLoggerContext method renamed to removeFilter from removeFiler. Fixes LOG4J2-200. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixThrowableFormatOptionsTest failed on Windows due to CR/LF issue. Fixes LOG4J2-194. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixBaseConfiguration addLoggerAppender saved appender using the Logger name. Fixes LOG4J2-190. Thanks to Werner.rgoers
UpdateMove Throwable pattern converter options processing to ThrowableFormatOptions class. Fixes LOG4J2-160. Thanks to Joanne Polsky.rgoers
UpdateAllowed Loggers access to the properties in the LoggerConfig. Fixes LOG4J2-157. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
UpdateAdded ability to include or exclude location information. Fixes LOG4J2-153. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
UpdateAllow Logger and LoggerContext to be subclassed. Fixes LOG4J2-151. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
AddAdd methods is/setEndOfBatch to LogEvent. Fixes LOG4J2-164. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
AddAdd support for asynchronous loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-163. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixThe blocking parameter did not work properly on AsynchAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-189. Thanks to Werner.rgoers
FixAppenderRefs on AsynchAppender didn't support the level and filter elements. Fixes LOG4J2-188. Thanks to Werner.rgoers
FixAvoid IllegalArgumentException in AsynchAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-176. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
AddAdd Logger interface APIs to log at given levels. Fixes LOG4J2-179.ggregory
FixOutputStreamManager now adds the layout header whenever the OutputStream is set. Fixes LOG4J2-181.rgoers
FixFix NullPointerException in DatagramOutputStream when flush is called from multiple threads. Fixes LOG4J2-177. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
AddAdded FlumePersistentManager which writes to BerkeleyDB and then writes to Flume asynchronously.rgoers
FixPlugin cache should be reset when addPackages is called. Fixes LOG4J2-175.sdeboy
AddExpose file appender configuration details via an advertisement mechanism. Fixes LOG4J2-155.sdeboy
FixAdd Fragment-Host to MANIFEST.MF for log4j-core. Fixes LOG4J2-159. Thanks to Jan Winter.rgoers
FixConfigurator throws a ClassCastException if LogManager returns a SimpleLoggerContext. Fixes LOG4J2-167.rgoers
FixConfigurationFactory was adding factories on every call. Fixes LOG4J2-169.rgoers
FixModify ClassLoaderContextSelector to use the first ClassLoader in the child parent hierarchy that has a Context with a configuration to allow JSPs to use the WebApp's context and configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-161.rgoers
UnknownAdd RFC 5424 compliant escaping rules to RFC5424Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-158. Thanks to Scott Severtson.rgoers

Release 2.0-beta4 – 2013-01-28

FixLocalizedMessageTest fails on linux system. Fixes LOG4J2-156. Thanks to Andreas Born.ggregory
FixRollingFileAppender's FileRenameAction was throwing a NullPointerException if no directory was specified on the target file name. Fixes LOG4J2-152. Thanks to Remko Popma.rgoers
FixConvert all System.getProperty calls to use PropertiesUtil to suppress SecurityExceptions. Fixes LOG4J2-150.rgoers
FixThreadContextMapFilter was matching on the key instead of the value of the key. Fixes LOG4J2-147. Thanks to William Burns.rgoers
FixAllow FlumeAvroManager to initialize even if it cannot connect to an agent.rgoers
FixSMTPAppender will only cache filtered events. Fixes LOG4J2-149. Thanks to Scott Severtson.rgoers
FixAdd missing serial version IDs. Fixes LOG4J2-145.ggregory
FixNullPointerException in RFC5424Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-144.ggregory
FixMessagePatternConverter now returns "null" if the log message is null. Fixes LOG4J2-143.rgoers
FixSerialized LogEvents were not reset in the output stream causing them to deserialize incorrectly. Fixes LOG4J2-142.rgoers
FixFix null pointer exception in SocketAppender if no protocol is specified. The protocol will default to TCP for the SocketAppender and UDP for the SyslogAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-139.rgoers
AddAdded Log4j 2 to SLF4J adapter.rgoers
FixTypo in documentation of SocketAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-140. Thanks to Joern Huxhorn.ggregory
FixFix hang in Dumbster SMTP test server. Fixes LOG4J2-137.rgoers
UpdateAllow newlines to be escaped in Syslog and RFC5424 layouts. Allow Throwables to be included in the output from RFC5424Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-136. Thanks to Scott Severtson.rgoers
AddAdd SMTPAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-131. Thanks to Scott Severtson.rgoers
FixPatternLayout should format throwables without requiring a converter. Fixes LOG4J2-130.rgoers
AddAdded hostName and contextName to property map.rgoers
FixBaseConfiguration does not close the first appender. Fixes LOG4J2-135. Thanks to Ingo Feltes.ggregory
AddAdd MessageFormatMessage and FormattedMessage.rgoers
AddUse %red, %white, %blue, and so on in the console appender. Fixes LOG4J2-134.ggregory
AddAllow custom message creation via a message factory. Fixes LOG4J2-133.ggregory
FixAbstractLogger.catching(Throwable) checks for DEBUG level but logs at ERROR level. Fixes LOG4J2-132.ggregory
FixRoutingAppender was only creating a single appender for the default Route. Fixes LOG4J2-129.rgoers
FixAllow JMS appenders to recover if the queue or topic is unavailable. Fixes LOG4J2-126.rgoers
UpdateAdd follow attribute to Console Appender. Fixes LOG4J2-128.rgoers
FixAbstractLogger methods were not passing Markers to the isEnabled methods. Fixes LOG4J2-127.rgoers
AddAdded Flume Appender samples.rgoers
UpdateAdd unit test to verify exceptions are thrown when the socket connection fails. Fixes LOG4J2-122.rgoers
FixJMSQueue and JMSTopic Appenders did not allow name to be specified. Fixes LOG4J2-125.rgoers
FixEnhanced javadoc copyright statement. Fixes LOG4J2-111.rgoers
UpdateRenamed log4j12-api to log4j-1.2-api. Fixes LOG4J2-110.rgoers
FixTCPSocketManager would fail if the initial connection could not be established. Fixes LOG4J2-120.rgoers
FixA broken socket connection would cause the TCPSocketManager to continuously reconnect. Fixes LOG4J2-119.rgoers
FixThe example for ThreadContextMapFilter was incorrect. Fixes LOG4J2-123. Thanks to Olivier Lamy.rgoers
FixFile renaming was using the wrong date value. Enhanced DefaultRolloverStrategy to store newest files in highest index as well as lowest. Fixes LOG4J2-116.rgoers
FixThreadContext Map elements with null values are now ignored when constructing a Flume event and in the RFC5424 Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-115.rgoers
FixStructuredDataFilter createFilter was annotated with PluginAttr instead of PluginElement for the KeyValuePairs. Fixes LOG4J2-113.rgoers
FixStructuredDataMessage was validating the length of the values in the event Map instead of the lengths of the keys. Fixes LOG4J2-114. Thanks to Arkin Yetis.rgoers

Release 2.0-beta3 – 2012-11-11

FixFix NullPointerException in ClassLoaderContextSelector when no class is returned from the SecurityManager. Fixes LOG4J2-108.rgoers
UpdateAdd ability to customize the names of the Levels in the LevelPatternConverter. Fixes LOG4J2-105.rgoers
FixPatternParser was not properly handling adjacent nested options Fixes LOG4J2-107.rgoers
FixAdd support for loading plugins inside the OSGi bundle. Fixes LOG4J2-95.rgoers
UpdateAdd ThreadContext.push(String format, Object... args) Fixes LOG4J2-85.rgoers
FixThe LogEvent was wrapping a ThrowableProxy with another ThrowableProxy when deserializing. Fixes LOG4J2-103. Thanks to Das Archive.rgoers
UpdateCreated combined jar to combine API and Core contents for users who only want the Log4j implementation.rgoers
FixConvert LogManager binding to use "regular" java properties instead of XML properties to workaround a bug in Oracle's xmlparserv2 jar. Fixes LOG4J2-104.rgoers
AddAdded PropertiesRewritePolicy and ability to define properties on a Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-28.rgoers
UpdateBuild pdf of user's guide. Fixes LOG4J2-87.rgoers
UpdateAdded font and fontSize parameters to HTMLLayout. Replace newlines in message with br tag. Fixes LOG4J2-29.rgoers
AddAdded ability to configure from an InputSource. Fixes LOG4J2-55.rgoers
FixThe Facility value was being improperly calculated. Fixes LOG4J2-102. Thanks to Emanuele Colombo.rgoers
FixA NullPointerException would occur if no format value was passed to the SyslogAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-101. Thanks to Emanuele Colombo.rgoers
FixMapRewritePolicy had an extra call to putAll that caused updates to behave like adds. Fixes LOG4J2-99. Thanks to Das Archive.rgoers
FixAvoid NPE when duplicate LoggerContextFactorys are present. Allow factories to specify a weight to allow real implementations to outrank test implementations. Provide a simple default LoggerContextFactory.rgoers
FixAdded several missing classes and methods for Log4j 1.x compatibility. Fixes LOG4J2-97.rgoers
FixInterpolator was not stripping Lookup key separator when trying to locate the default value for a variable. Fixes LOG4J2-94. Thanks to Denis Treskunov.rgoers
FixLog4j 1.2 Category.forcedLog was wrapping the message with an ObjectMessage even if the parameter was an ObjectMessage.rgoers

Release 2.0-beta2 – 2012-10-07

UpdateMade ParameterizedMessage, StringFormattedMessage and ThreadDumpMessage immutable. LocalizedMessage is immutable except that it will be updated with the logger name when it is added to the LogEvent.rgoers
FixDefaultConfiguration was not starting the Console Appender.rgoers
AddAdd interval and modulate options to TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy to allow more fine-grained control of when file rolling should occur. Fixes LOG4J2-35.rgoers
AddAdd support for filtering packages from stack traces. Fixes LOG4J2-58.rgoers
AddIf system property "disableThreadContextStack" is set pushes to the ThreadContext will be ignored. If system property "disableThreadContext" is set both puts and pushes will be ignored. Fixes LOG4J2-84.rgoers
AddIf system property "disableThreadContextMap" is set puts to the ThreadContext will be ignored. If system property "disableThreadContext" is set both puts and pushes will be ignored. Fixes LOG4J2-83.rgoers
AddAdd support for ANSI colors by adding the highlight and style pattern converters. Fix pattern parsing to allow nested patterns.rgoers
FixConverted DynamicThresholdFilter to use KeyValuePair. Fixed bugs in the Map-based filters to allow declaration of multiple values for a key to match the documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-92.rgoers
FixMany logging methods in AbstractLogger were set to an incorrect logging level. catching was using the THROWING marker and was set to debug instead of error. Fixes LOG4J2-88.rgoers
AddAllow the status logging to be directed to stderr or to a file.rgoers
FixLog4j 1.2 adapter's Category class was missing 3 log methods. Fixes LOG4J2-91.rgoers
FixIf the ThreadContext stack is empty the LogEvent will contain a null value to reduce the overhead of creating log events and in the size of the serialized object. Changed the ThreadContext stack to use a custom stack interface instead of java.util.Stack as that class is overly heavy. This change will cause an API incompatibility. Fixes LOG4J2-84.rgoers
FixIf the ThreadContext map is empty the LogEvent will contain a null value to reduce the overhead of creating log events and in the size of the serialized object. Fixes LOG4J2-83.rgoers
AddAdd getFormats to MultiformatMessage and allow StructuredDataMessage to format as XML.rgoers
FixAdd documentation on client vs server mode to performance page. Fixes LOG4J2-90.rgoers
FixMove variable substitution from PatternLayout to appropriate converters to improve performance.rgoers

Release 2.0-beta1 – 2012-09-18

AddAdded AsynchAppender.rgoers
FixPatternLayout was not honoring format modifiers. Fixes LOG4J-81.rgoers
FixCreated web module to allow web applications to include the Log4j context listener in WEB-INF/lib even if Log4j is in the container's class path. Allow locating the LoggerContext to include the ClassLoader. Updated the Loader utility to always choose the child ClassLoader. Verified in Jboss 5 and Tomcat.rgoers
FixMarkerFilter called MarkerManager.getMarker causing the Marker to be created during the processing of the configuration. This prevents the application from creating the Marker with any parents. MarkerWrapper in SLF4J-impl was getting a ClassCastException in instanceOf because the Marker isn't a MarkerWrapper. Fixes LOG4J2-82.rgoers
FixAllow Log4j 2 to be used as the implementation with SLF4J and SLF4J's jcl-over-slf4j by adding filtering to the log method in SLF4JLogger. Fixes LOG4J2-80. Thanks to Oliver Lamy.rgoers
FixLogFactoryImpl.setAttribute in the Commons Logging bridge got a NullPointerException when passed a null value. It will now remove the attribute. Fixes LOG4J2-78.rgoers
FixRoutingAppender was calling the stop method for each of its referenced Appenders and was calling the stop method of the default Appender a second time. It will now only call the stop method of Appenders it creates. Fixes LOG4J2-77.rgoers
FixRewriteAppender was calling the stop method of the referenced appender causing the referenced appender's manager to have its use count decremented too many times. Fixes LOG4J2-76.rgoers
FixLogger.error(Marker, Message, Throwable) was internally using Level.TRACE. Fixes LOG4J2-74.rgoers
FixEnhanced Log4jContextListener to accept a configuration file location. Modified FileConfigurationMonitor to monitor files configured that way. Fixed other reconfiguration related bugs. Tested in JBoss and Tomcat. Fixes LOG4J2-75.rgoers
FixNullPointerException in RollingFileManager when filePattern does not cause the file to be compressed. Fixes LOG4J2-72.rgoers
FixFileRenameAction did not create the parent directories of the archive files causing the rollover to fail. Fixes LOG4J2-71.rgoers
UpdateUpdate the versions of SLF4J and Logback.rgoers

Release 2.0-alpha2 – 2012-08-24

AddAdd getLogger(Class) to LogManager. Fixes LOG4J2-70.rgoers
AddAllow Flume agents to be embedded into the Flume Appender. Fixes LOG4J2-69.rgoers
AddAdd support for formatting using String.format(). Fixes LOG4J2-68.rgoers
AddAllow components besides core to create a PluginMap for faster plugin loading and not having to specify the plugin package in the configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-67.rgoers
FixFix compilation problems in Java 7. Fixes LOG4J2-64.rgoers
FixAllow variable substitution on the configuration attributes and on the root log level. Fixes LOG4J2-65.rgoers

Release 2.0-alpha1 – 2012-07-29

AddAdded ability to filter on the AppenderRef by adding either a level or a filter. Fixes LOG4J2-60. Thanks to Shane Kelly.rgoers
FixLevel.toLevel would throw an IllegalArgumentException instead of returning the default value. Fixes LOG4J2-56. Thanks to John Owen Atala.rgoers
FixRemove LoggerContext support for custom logger factories. All Loggers returned by LoggerContext should be compatibile and of the same type. Fixes LOG4J2-51. Thanks to John Vasileff.rgoers
FixMake sure all application facing log methods use their own FQCN. This patch resolves a unit test failure for the %C pattern when using the Category logger. Fixes LOG4J2-50. Thanks to John Vasileff.rgoers