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JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By Status Resolution Fix Version
New Feature LOG4J2-868 Allow shutdown hook registration handling to be customizable Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-832 ThrowableProxy fails if a class in logged stack trace throws java.lang.Error from initializer   Closed Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-745 Plugins can cause ConverterKeys collisions with unpredictable results Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-741 Reinstate the package attribute for discovering custom plugins Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-713 Android: java.lang.VerifyError: org/apache/logging/log4j/core/util/Closer   Resolved Fixed 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-703 Android: Could not find class 'javax.naming.InitialContext', referenced from method org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.JndiLookup.lookup   Resolved Fixed 2.0, 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-664 Plugins data file needs to be in META-INF for OSGi compatibility. Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-570 Memory Leak Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-442 Log4j2 Database insert problem in Websphere Nick Williams Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc1
Bug LOG4J2-404 "@EnterpriseNumber" is missing in the ID of structured data when RFC5424Layout is used   Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-391 Flume appender crashes when lock timeout occurs   Closed Fixed 2.1
Question LOG4J2-365 ERROR StatusLogger Unable to locate a logging implementation, using SimpleLogge   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-346 Cyclic dependency in OSGi-context. Apache Log4j SLF4J Binding <-> slf4j-api Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-345 logging.log4j-1.2-api doesn't export the log4j API 1.2. Dependent bundles can not be resolved. Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Improvement LOG4J2-333 Match artifact ids with Maven module names Gary Gregory Closed Fixed 2.0-beta9
Bug LOG4J2-255 Multi-byte character strings are scrambled in log output Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-254 Race condition when setting new filename in RollingFileAppender related code   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-245 EmptyStackException when logging exceptions with Log4J2 in Java 8   Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-156 LocalizedMessageTest fails on linux system   Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta4
Bug LOG4J2-51 ClassCastException in Category logger Ralph Goers Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-965 System.out no longer works after the Console appender and JANSI are initialized   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-957 Missing toUpperCase(Locale.ENGLISH)   Closed Fixed 2.2
Question LOG4J2-943 How to configure StatisticsCsvLayout in log4j2 ?   Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-938 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.jmx.Server never shuts down the ExecutorService it creates Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-819 PermGen OutOfMemoryError when reloading webapp on Tomcat 6   Resolved Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-697 Self written Appender stopped working   Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-679 Log rotation partly failed with error: "Unable to create directory ..." Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.0.2
Bug LOG4J2-659 Log files not properly rolled over to the folder.   Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-619 Unable to recover after loading corrupted XML   Closed Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-605 NoSQL appender logging password in clear text. Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-591 Log4j closes MongoDB connections after the first log message Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-542 LogEvents with exceptions fail to deserialize Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-452 Log4j2 should not automatically start in Servlet 3.0 Nick Williams Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc1
Bug LOG4J2-437 Log4J2 Performs poorly with 500 concurrent users with Jboss 5.1.GA and JDK 6   Resolved Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-434 exception related data put into one log file and rest of them put into another log file   Resolved Fixed 2.0
Bug LOG4J2-377 NPE during shutdown.   Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc1, 2.0
Bug LOG4J2-373 Classloader issue in OSGi-environment Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-358 NoSQLAppender using MongoDB provider ignores username and password attributes Nick Williams Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta9
Bug LOG4J2-322 Endless loop in ThrowableProxy.getCurrentStack Nick Williams Closed Fixed 2.0-beta9
Bug LOG4J2-289 Change Javadoc generation per CVE-2013-1571, VU#225657   Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta8
Bug LOG4J2-223 IllegalStateException thrown during Tomcat shutdown   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-205 Deadlock with SocketAppender Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta5
Bug LOG4J2-169 LogManager.getLogger doesn't work Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta5
Bug LOG4J2-158 RFC5424 SD PARAM/VALUE escaping Ralph Goers Closed Fixed 2.0-beta5
Bug LOG4J2-142 Exception while deserializing event from SocketAppender Ralph Goers Closed Fixed 2.0-beta4
Bug LOG4J2-119 Socket/Syslog reconnectionDelay results in constant reconnects Ralph Goers Closed Fixed 2.0-beta4
Bug LOG4J2-102 Bad priority in Syslog messages   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta3
Bug LOG4J2-80 level not tested when slf4j-impl and org.slf4j:jcl-over-slf4j Ralph Goers Closed Fixed 2.0-beta1
Bug LOG4J2-1009 Incorrectly defined compressionType parameter to GelfLayout   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-1008 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.plugins.util.ResolverUtil.extractPath(URL) incorrectly converts '+' characters to spaces   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-1007 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util#fileFromUri(URI uri) incorrectly converts '+' characters to spaces   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-1005 Update Slf4j from 1.7.7 to 1.7.12   Closed Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-1004 Update from Jackson 2.5.1 to 2.5.3   Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-1003 JUL Logger.throwing is mis-mapped to ERROR when it should be TRACE   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-998 Make org.apache.logging.log4j.core.Logger#updateConfiguration protected   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-995 Improve documentation of Charsets class Ralph Goers Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-993 Potential deadlock if a new Logger is created while log4j is reconfiguring in another thread Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-991 Async root logger config is defaulting includeLocation to true without use of Log4jContextSelector system property Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-988 Update LMAX Disruptor from 3.3.0 to 3.3.2   Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-987 Migrate tests from Logback 1.1.2 to 1.1.3   Closed Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-984 PatternLayout %highlight to support noConsoleNoAnsi like %style   Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-972 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.net.ssl.TlsSyslogInputStreamReader does not need to create temp Integer objects   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-971 Another bad priority in Syslog messages   Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-968 SyslogLayout contains extra space   Closed Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-966 KeyStoreConfiguration.createKeyStoreConfiguration() ignores keyManagerFactoryAlgorithm   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-964 StringFormattedMessage serialization is incorrect   Closed Fixed 2.3
Improvement LOG4J2-958 Update from Jackson 2.5.0 to 2.5.1   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-955 Improve documentation for StatusLogger properties Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-946 [docs] Using Log4j 2 in Web Applications: Update example (Log4jWebLifeCycle is not visible)   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-944 Log4j Flume appender is not adding millisecond to the event headers when the event is logged at 000 milliseconds.   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-942 Update from Jackson 2.4.4 to 2.5.0   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-941 Allow JSON layout to create one compact log record per line   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-933 HTML layout should not use attribute minimalization for hr noshade   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-931 ConsoleAppender is missing @PluginFactory annotation at createAppender method   Closed Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-926 Truncate from the end of text format modifier   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-912 XML configuration does not report full error message for XInclude parser configuration problems Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-910 Update Jackson from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4 Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-903 ClassLoaderContextSelector uses ClassLoader.toString() as a key   Closed Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-901 Update docs for SyslogAppender: "No structured id name was supplied"   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-900 Update Apache Flume from to 1.5.2   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-897 Javadoc for org.apache.log4j.BasicConfigurator.configure() is incorrect Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Bug LOG4J2-893 NullPointerException on core.Logger$PrivateConfig.filter() when mapping JUL to Log4j2   Resolved Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-892 JUL adapter does not map Log4j's FATAL level to a JUL level Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-891 AbstractLifecycle should not implement equals() and hashCode()   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-884 Update org.eclipse.osgi from 3.6.0 to 3.7.1. Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-883 Update tests from org.apache.felix.framework 4.2.1 to 4.4.1.   Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-882 Update maven-core from 3.1.0 to 3.2.3 Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-881 Update Jackson from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3 Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.2
Improvement LOG4J2-876 Some typo fixes and enhancements for the site   Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-862 Misleading error message "Log4j2 could not find a logging implementation. Please add log4j-core to the classpath." Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-861 Broken link on left side nav menu to Extending Log4j Configuration > Manual Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-856 Maven and Ivy page is missing build documentation for log4j-nosql, log4j-jul and log4j-iostreams Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-855 Broken links on Appenders manual page Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-848 Add a Java lookup to provide nicely formatted runtime version information Gary Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.1
Task LOG4J2-845 Add API version 2.1.0 to Log4j providers Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-844 Update JMH to 1.1 from 0.7.2 Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Sub-task LOG4J2-843 Migrate JpaHyperSqlAppenderTest#testPerformanceOfAppenderWith10000EventsUsingBasicEntity to log4j-perf Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Sub-task LOG4J2-842 Migrate JpaH2AppenderTest#testPerformanceOfAppenderWith10000EventsUsingBasicEntity to log4j-perf Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Sub-task LOG4J2-841 Migrate JdbcHyperSqlAppenderTest#testPerformanceOfAppenderWith1000Events() to log4j-perf Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1
Sub-task LOG4J2-840 Migrate JdbcH2AppenderTest#testPerformanceOfAppenderWith1000Events() to log4j-perf Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.1