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IAppender Interface

Implement this interface for your own strategies for printing log statements.

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Types that implement IAppender

Type Description
AdoNetAppender Appender that logs to a database.
AnsiColorTerminalAppender Appends logging events to the terminal using ANSI color escape sequences.
AppenderSkeleton Abstract base class implementation of IAppender.

Appends log events to the ASP.NET TraceContext system.

BufferingAppenderSkeleton Abstract base class implementation of IAppender that buffers events in a fixed size buffer.
BufferingForwardingAppender Buffers events and then forwards them to attached appenders.
ColoredConsoleAppender Appends logging events to the console.
ConsoleAppender Appends logging events to the console.
DebugAppender Appends log events to the Debug system.
EventLogAppender Writes events to the system event log.
FileAppender Appends logging events to a file.
ForwardingAppender This appender forwards logging events to attached appenders.
LocalSyslogAppender Logs events to a local syslog service.
ManagedColoredConsoleAppender Appends colorful logging events to the console, using the .NET 2 built-in capabilities.
MemoryAppender Stores logging events in an array.
NetSendAppender Logs entries by sending network messages using the NetMessageBufferSend native function.
OutputDebugStringAppender Appends log events to the OutputDebugString system.
RemoteSyslogAppender Logs events to a remote syslog daemon.
RemotingAppender Delivers logging events to a remote logging sink.
RollingFileAppender Appender that rolls log files based on size or date or both.
SmtpAppender Send an e-mail when a specific logging event occurs, typically on errors or fatal errors.
SmtpPickupDirAppender Send an email when a specific logging event occurs, typically on errors or fatal errors. Rather than sending via smtp it writes a file into the directory specified by PickupDir. This allows services such as the IIS SMTP agent to manage sending the messages.
TelnetAppender Appender that allows clients to connect via Telnet to receive log messages
TextWriterAppender Sends logging events to a TextWriter.
TraceAppender Appends log events to the Trace system.
UdpAppender Sends logging events as connectionless UDP datagrams to a remote host or a multicast group using an UdpClient.


Implementors should consider extending the AppenderSkeleton class which provides a default implementation of this interface.

Appenders can also implement the IOptionHandler interface. Therefore they would require that the ActivateOptions method be called after the appenders properties have been configured.


Namespace: log4net.Appender

Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll)

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