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JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By Status Resolution Fix Version
Bug LOG4J2-3276 MD5 Hash links for 2.3.1 are all broken Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.3.1
Bug LOG4J2-3247 PropertiesConfiguration.parseAppenderFilters NPE when parsing properties file filters   Resolved Fixed 2.17.1
Bug LOG4J2-3237 Log4j 1.2 bridge API hard codes the Syslog protocol to TCP Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.17.1
Question LOG4J2-3027 TcpSocketServer in latest log4j2 version (2.14.0)   Closed Fixed
New Feature LOG4J2-2978 Migrate to Jakarta APIs   Resolved Fixed 2.15.0
Bug LOG4J2-2901 Reconfiguration failed during backend server startup   Closed Fixed 2.14.0
Bug LOG4J2-2889 Data-Time Formate in HTML Layout   Resolved Fixed 2.14.0
Bug LOG4J2-2828 RollingRandomAccessFileAppender not using filePermissions Volkan Yazici Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-2792 Performance issue in log4j 2.12.1 and log4j 2.13.0   Resolved Fixed 2.14.0
Bug LOG4J2-2624 ${web:rootDir} not working in weblogic 12c   Closed Fixed 3.0.0, 2.14.1
Bug LOG4J2-2578 RequestContextMappings should ignore private and instance fields   Resolved Fixed Log4j-Audit 1.0.2
Bug LOG4J2-2564 Error using %K in pattern : MapPatternConverter cannot contain multiple static newInstance method Carter Kozak Closed Fixed 2.12.0
Bug LOG4J2-2377 NullPointerException in org.apache.logging.log4j.util.LoaderUtil.getClassLoaders() when using Bootstrap class loader   Closed Fixed 2.11.1, 3.0.0
Bug LOG4J2-2211 MainMapLookup ${main:--file} placeholder doesn't work   Resolved Fixed 2.13.1
Bug LOG4J2-2134 StackOverflowError at AwaitCompletionReliabilityStrategy Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 3.0.0, 2.11.2
Bug LOG4J2-2061 RollingFileManager not removed when RollingFileAppender is stopped, using DirectWriteRolloverStrategy Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.11.2
Bug LOG4J2-2058 java.locale.providers set to HOST causes Log4j2 to crash in Java 9   Resolved Fixed 2.13.0
Bug LOG4J2-1936 ClassNotFoundException when making all loggers asynchronous under OSGi environment   Closed Fixed 2.9.1
Bug LOG4J2-1925 Having log4j-core on the compile classpath somehow breaks compilation even if I'm not calling it Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-1920 ScriptEngineManager is not available in Android and causes a NoClassDefFoundError Gary D. Gregory Closed Fixed 2.9.0
Bug LOG4J2-1821 (not only) default rollover strategy is *broken*   Resolved Fixed 2.8.1
Bug LOG4J2-1799 Error determining the current charset Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.8.1
Bug LOG4J2-1625 FlumeAppender get shutdown timeout 0 Mikael Ståldal Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1624 KafkaAppender get shutdown timeout 0 Mikael Ståldal Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1591 New method on LifeCycle interface breaks binary compatibility Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1548 [CronTriggeringPolicy] ConfigurationScheduler schedules the task infinitely after first fire Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.7
Question LOG4J2-1510 why MutableLogEvent don't keep original log object or even the ReusableObjectMessage   Closed Fixed
Question LOG4J2-1231 Log files are under lock, not able to view them until JVM stop.   Closed Fixed 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-1108 NullPointerException when passing null to java.util.logging.Logger.setLevel() Gary D. Gregory Closed Fixed 2.4
New Feature LOG4J2-868 Allow shutdown hook registration handling to be customizable Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-832 ThrowableProxy fails if a class in logged stack trace throws java.lang.Error from initializer   Closed Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-745 Plugins can cause ConverterKeys collisions with unpredictable results Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.1
Improvement LOG4J2-741 Reinstate the package attribute for discovering custom plugins Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-713 Android: java.lang.VerifyError: org/apache/logging/log4j/core/util/Closer   Resolved Fixed 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-703 Android: Could not find class 'javax.naming.InitialContext', referenced from method org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.JndiLookup.lookup   Resolved Fixed 2.0, 2.0.1
Bug LOG4J2-664 Plugins data file needs to be in META-INF for OSGi compatibility. Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-570 Memory Leak Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-442 Log4j2 Database insert problem in Websphere Nick Williams Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc1
Bug LOG4J2-404 "@EnterpriseNumber" is missing in the ID of structured data when RFC5424Layout is used   Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-391 Flume appender crashes when lock timeout occurs   Closed Fixed 2.1
Question LOG4J2-365 ERROR StatusLogger Unable to locate a logging implementation, using SimpleLogge   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-346 Cyclic dependency in OSGi-context. Apache Log4j SLF4J Binding <-> slf4j-api Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-345 logging.log4j-1.2-api doesn't export the log4j API 1.2. Dependent bundles can not be resolved. Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Improvement LOG4J2-333 Match artifact ids with Maven module names Gary D. Gregory Closed Fixed 2.0-beta9
Bug LOG4J2-255 Multi-byte character strings are scrambled in log output Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-254 Race condition when setting new filename in RollingFileAppender related code   Closed Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-245 EmptyStackException when logging exceptions with Log4J2 in Java 8   Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta7
Bug LOG4J2-156 LocalizedMessageTest fails on linux system   Resolved Fixed 2.0-beta4
Bug LOG4J2-51 ClassCastException in Category logger Ralph Goers Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-3275 Broken download page links and incorrect titles Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.12.3
Documentation LOG4J2-3227 CVE-2021-44228 - Fix documentation mistake   Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-3204 SpringLookup not found while Interpolator initializing Volkan Yazici Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-3185 DefaultErrorHandler can not share values across threads   Resolved Fixed 2.15.0
Bug LOG4J2-3168 RollingFileAppender: Overwritting rotated log file when using zip   Resolved Fixed 2.15.0
Question LOG4J2-2720 TestAppender based on MutableLogEvent stop working in Log4j2.11   Closed Fixed 2.8
Bug LOG4J2-2680 Not compressing after rolling a file using copy and truncation method   Resolved Fixed 2.12.1
Bug LOG4J2-2592 StackOverflowException when server not reachable with SocketAppender Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.12.0
Bug LOG4J2-2575 CronExpression.getTimeBefore() returns incorrect result Carter Kozak Closed Fixed 2.13.1
Bug LOG4J2-2388 Thread indefinitely blocked when logging a message in an interrupted thread   Closed Fixed 2.11.1, 3.0.0
Bug LOG4J2-2247 RollingRandomAccessFile appender with DirectWriteRolloverStrategy fails with a NullPointerException when a header is supplied   Closed Fixed 2.11.2
Bug LOG4J2-2158 ThreadContext map is cleared => entries are only available for one log event Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.11.0
Question LOG4J2-2141 Log4j2 is taking an extra of 11 Milli seconds to write into the file?   Closed Fixed 2.9.1
Bug LOG4J2-2050 NullPointerException in LogManager.getLogger when called from anonymous class initializer   Closed Fixed 2.9.1
Bug LOG4J2-1934 JMS Appender does not know how to recover from a broken connection Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.9.0
Bug LOG4J2-1653 CronTriggeringPolicy uses wrong naming and produces NPE Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.8
Bug LOG4J2-1649 CronTriggeringPolicy breaks awefully when using "reconfigure" of LoggerContext Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.8
Bug LOG4J2-1542 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ParameterizedMessage.formatTo(ParameterizedMessage.java:221) Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1457 Class loader deadlock when using async logging and extended stack trace pattern Matt Sicker Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1409 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ReusableParameterizedMessage Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.6.1
Bug LOG4J2-1406 2.6 is re-logging prior throwable instead of logging the throwable that is currently passed in by application code Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.6.1
Bug LOG4J2-1235 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.routing.IdlePurgePolicy not working correctly Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-1232 Incorrect log rotation in last week of year   Closed Fixed 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-1221 Dead lock observed in BlockingWaitStrategy in Log4J   Closed Fixed 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-1196 MongoDbConnection does not close MongoClient Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.5
Bug LOG4J2-1173 ERROR Unable to rename file in version 2.4 and 2.4.1 Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.5
Improvement LOG4J2-1169 PatternLayout: Possible variable substitution in equals substitution parameter Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-1166 Applications using Log4j-2.5 with monitorInterval never shut down Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.5
Bug LOG4J2-1099 AbstractStringLayout implements Serializable, but is not Serializable Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed
New Feature LOG4J2-1050 Add a Log4jLookup class to help write log files relative to log4j2.xml   Closed Fixed 2.4, 2.4.1, 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-1013 Log4j2 Main Arguments Lookup by name doesn't work   Resolved Fixed 2.13.1
Documentation LOG4J2-1011 Dependencies for layouts should be documentated Mikael Ståldal Closed Fixed 2.6
Bug LOG4J2-999 RollingFileAppender only rotates when time is after rollover time, not on exact match Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.5
Bug LOG4J2-965 System.out no longer works after the Console appender and JANSI are initialized   Resolved Fixed 2.3
Bug LOG4J2-957 Missing toUpperCase(Locale.ENGLISH)   Closed Fixed 2.2
Question LOG4J2-943 How to configure StatisticsCsvLayout in log4j2 ?   Closed Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-938 org.apache.logging.log4j.core.jmx.Server never shuts down the ExecutorService it creates Remko Popma Closed Fixed 2.2
New Feature LOG4J2-913 Allow to load log4j2 configuration from a centralized repository, like a database or a webservice Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.12.0
Improvement LOG4J2-905 Ability to disable (date) lookup completely, compatibility issues with other libraries like Camel Gary D. Gregory Resolved Fixed 2.7
Bug LOG4J2-819 PermGen OutOfMemoryError when reloading webapp on Tomcat 6   Resolved Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-799 Log4j 2 throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException   Resolved Fixed 2.1
Bug LOG4J2-702 LoggerConfig#waitForCompletion is not thread safe   Resolved Fixed 2.4
Bug LOG4J2-697 Self written Appender stopped working   Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-679 Log rotation partly failed with error: "Unable to create directory ..." Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.0.2
Bug LOG4J2-659 Log files not properly rolled over to the folder.   Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-619 Unable to recover after loading corrupted XML   Closed Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-605 NoSQL appender logging password in clear text. Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Epic LOG4J2-604 Audit use of ClassLoader, Class.forName, etc. Matt Sicker Closed Fixed
Bug LOG4J2-591 Log4j closes MongoDB connections after the first log message Matt Sicker Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2
Bug LOG4J2-578 JMX Memory Leak in Servlet Container Remko Popma Resolved Fixed 2.5
Bug LOG4J2-542 LogEvents with exceptions fail to deserialize Ralph Goers Resolved Fixed 2.0-rc2