Uses of Annotation Type

Packages that use PluginBuilderFactory
Log4j 2 Appenders.
The classes in this package and sub packages provide appenders for various types of databases and methods for accessing databases.
The JDBC Appender supports writing log events to a relational database using standard JDBC connections.
Message oriented middleware appenders.
Classes and interfaces for Kafka appender support.
The NoSQL Appender supports writing log events to NoSQL databases.
Rolling File Appender and support classes.
Support classes for the Rolling File Appender.
Apache Flume Appender.
Provides Asynchronous Logger classes and interfaces for low-latency logging.
Configuration of Log4j 2.
Log4j 2 Filter support.
Log4j 2 Layout support.
Log4j 2 network support.
Log4j 2 helper classes.